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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ACCEL Program?
The ACCEL Program is a great way to get a jump start on earning post-secondary academic core credit and Carnegie Units (high school credit) at the same time.

Who is eligible for the ACCEL Program?

  • Students who are completing requirements for a high school diploma from an eligible Georgia high school
  • Homeschooled students that are approved by their local school system board of education and have submitted their declaration of intent to homeschool as verification
  • Home schooled students who have met accreditation as specified in the approved list of accreditation agencies
  • Students who meet the dual credit enrollment requirements of their high school and Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

How are students selected to participate in the ACCEL Program?

  1. All prospective students must meet with their counselor at their high school and begin the approval process with them. Upon meeting your high school requirements and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of ACCEL participation, then
  2. You must complete the admission requirements to become a student at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College and meet with the Wiregrass High School Services Coordinator to complete additional items for acceptance.

How is my high school notified of my enrollment, grades, and credits?
Wiregrass Georgia Technical College will notify your high school counselor of your enrollment, grades, and credits.

How are Carnegie units awarded?
With Approval from the State Board of Education in January 2010, using the revised the College Credit Now Rule which included the following new credit conversions:

  • Post secondary semester hour credit shall be converted to high school unit credit as follows:
    1 to 2 semester hours = .5 Carnegie unit; 3 to 5 semester hours = 1 Carnegie unit

Do grades in ACCEL courses affect my high school GPA?
Yes. Grades for approved ACCEL courses are reported by Wiregrass Georgia Technical College to your high school and will count the same as grades earned at your high school.

Will ACCEL courses count in the new HOPE rigor requirements?

What are the requirements to participate in the ACCEL Program?

  • Must be enrolled in a public or private eligible high school in Georgia.
  • Must be enrolled in an accredited or locally approved home study program. Please see for guidelines on home study programs. 
  • Approved by his or her eligible high school and an eligible postsecondary institution for participation in dual credit enrollment.
  • Be on track for high school graduation.
  • Complete all required paperwork.
  • Participate in an ACCEL advisement session at your high school.
  • Must abide by the rules of both the eligible High School and the eligible Postsecondary Institution.
  • Must not have already received a high school diploma or General Education Development (GED) credential.

How do I apply?
Contact your high school counselor and/or WGTC High School Coordinator to apply for the ACCEL Program. Before being accepted to Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, you need to:

When can courses be taken?
Courses may be taken in the fall and spring semesters. Courses taken during the summer semester are NOT reimbursable through the ACCEL Program.

Will college credits from one institution transfer to another postsecondary institution?
College credits earned while in the ACCEL program are transferable. Students should be advised to consider the requirements of their post-high school institution when planning dual enrollment coursework.

What costs are covered in the ACCEL Program?
ACCEL covers tuition only up to 15 hours of course work. Fees will be exempted by Wiregrass. Students may be responsible for all supply and book charges.

Are ACCEL students exempted from the state's assessment requirement for graduation?
No. ACCEL students must take the Georgia high school graduation and/or End of Course tests and complete end of pathway testing.

For more information on the ACCEL Program, contact your high school counselor, one of the high school services coordinators, or visit

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Andrea Fletcher
High School Coordinator
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Stacey Prescott
High School Coordinator
Valdosta Campus
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Deanna Edwards
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Director of Recruitment
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