Prior Learning Assessment

Prior learning assessments (PLAs) provide a pathway to enable students who have stopped short of a degree, but have acquired knowledge through other means, the chance to complete their education. PLA is a process through which students identify areas of relevant learning from their past experiences, demonstrate that learning through appropriate documentation, and submit their materials so that they can be assessed and possibly awarded academic credit relative to specific course objectives.

WGTC may award college credit with the following methods:

  • Military Training - Credit awarded based on the American Council of Education or the Community College of the Air Force.
  • Student Portfolios - Credit awarded by faculty evaluation of a student's documented life-work.
  • Corporate Training - Occupational training provided by organizations and/or manufacturers.
  • Apprenticeship Training - Training provided through an official work-based program (often required for licensure).
  • Professional Certification and Licensure - Specialized certifications earned through training programs and required for employment (example: POST, BICSI, Trade Organizations)
  • Institutional Exemption Exam - Challenge exams that demonstrate a mastery of the course competencies.
  • Standardized Exam Credit - Credit based on nationally normed exams including, but not limited to CLEP (College Level Exam Program), International Baccalaureate Credit (International Baccalaureate Exam), Advanced Placement Exams (AP).

Frequently Asked Questions

How much credit can I earn? It will vary with the hours required to graduate; however, you must meet the residency requirement of the college which is 25% of the program.

Am I guaranteed college credit? In areas outside standardized testing, the registrar and faculty will make recommendations for credit. Although no guarantees can be made, all efforts to advise the student of the likelihood of earning credit will be made.

How much will it cost? Tuition and fees will vary on the method used and the number of credits being requested; however, tuition and fees are usually less than the standard rates. See the Handbook of Advanced Placement and Prior Learning Assessments.

What if I'm not in agreement with the recommendation for credit? You have the right to appeal the college's decision, but ultimately the college reserves the right to deny the awarding of credit based on the faculty's findings thus ensuring the quality of education delivered by WGTC.

Must I complete any courses and a required number of credit hours before I apply for advanced placement? No, unless you are using the portfolio as your means of requesting credit. The college offers a mandatory workshop to help you build a successful portfolio.



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