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Program Overview

The Medical Language Specialist Technical Certificate of Credit program includes instruction in transcription, proofreading, and report analysis while applying medical terminology and computer application skills.

Entrance Requirements

*Submit a completed application and application fee;     
*Be at least 16 years of age;   
*Submit official high school transcript or GED transcript;      

*Submit official college transcripts, if applicable;      

*Present acceptable SAT or ACT scores taken within the last 60 months, or acceptable COMPASS or ASSET scores taken within the last 60 months. Documentation on a college transcript of successful completion of appropriate courses from a regionally accredited college or university may be accepted in lieu of test scores.

**This program is available to high schools in the Valdosta campus service area.**

Course Overview

Credit Hours
General Education Core (3 hours)

Prereqs: Diploma Level Reading and Writing Scores OR READ 0097 and/or ENGL 0097 w/ a "C" or better

Coreqs: None

Emphasizes the development and improvement of written and oral communication abilities. Topics include analysis of writing, applied grammar and writing skills, editing and proofreading skills, research skills, and oral communication skills.
Occupational Courses (28 - 29 hours)

Prereqs: None

Coreqs: Provisional Admission

Introduces the fundamental concepts, terminology, and operations necessary to use computers. Emphasis is placed on basic functions and familiarity with computer use. Topics include an introduction to computer terminology, the Windows environment, Internet and email, word processing software, spreadsheet software, database software, and presentation software.

Prereqs: COMP 1000, BUSN 1100 or ability to key 25 gross words a minute on 3-minute timings with no more than 3 errors

Coreqs: None

Reinforces the touch system of keyboarding placing emphasis on correct techniques with adequate speed and accuracy and producing properly formatted business documents. Topics include: reinforcing correct keyboarding technique, building speed and accuracy, formatting business documents, language arts, proofreading, and work area management.

Prereqs: BUSN 1440, ENGL 1010, (BUSN 2300 or ALHS 1090), and (ALHS 1010 or ALHS 1011 or BUSN 2310)

Coreqs: None

Provides experience in medical machine transcription working with the most frequently used medical reports. Topics include: equipment and supplies maintenance and usage, work area management, spelling, definitions, punctuation, processing/transcription speed and accuracy, resource utilization, and pronunciation.

Prereqs: BUSN 2320

Coreqs: None

Continues the development of speed and accuracy in the transcription of medical reports with emphasis on a variety of medical specialization. Topics include: equipment and supplies maintenance and usage, work area management, spelling, definitions, punctuation, processing/transcription speed and accuracy, resource utilization, pronunciation, and medical transcription work ethics.

Prereqs: Program Admission, BUSN 2300 or ALHS 1090

Coreqs: None

Provides fundamental information concerning common diseases and disorders of each body system. For each system, the disease or disorder is highlighted including: description, etiology, signs and symptoms, diagnostic procedures, treatment, management, prognosis, and prevention. Topics include: introduction to disease and diseases of body systems.
Specific Occupational-Guided Elective
Choose One of the Following (4 - 5 hours)

Prereqs: Program Admission

Coreqs: None

Provides a study of medical terminology and the basic study of structure and function of the human body. It provides an overview of the functions of each body system and the medical terminology associated with each system. This course is intended for students in non-medical programs and is designed to provide medical terminology and basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Prereqs: Program Admission

Coreqs: None

Focuses on basic normal structure and function of the human body. Topics include general plan and function of the human body, integumentary system, skeletal system, muscular system, nervous and sensory systems, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system, and reproductive system.
Choose One of the Following (2 hours)

Prereqs: Provisional Admission

Coreqs: None

Introduces the elements of medical terminology. Emphasis is placed on building familiarity with medical words through knowledge of roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Topics include: origins (roots, prefixes, and suffixes), word building, abbreviations and symbols, and terminology related to the human anatomy.

Prereqs: Program Admission

Coreqs: None

Introduces the basic spelling and pronunciation of medical terms, and the use of these terms as they relate to anatomy, treatment, surgery, and drugs. Topics include: word analysis, word elements, spelling, pronunciation, and semantics.


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