AutoCAD User - AU11

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  • Valdosta Campus

Program Overview

The purpose of the AutoCAD User technical certificate is to provide basic CAD drafting techniques for persons to gain entry level employment in the drafting field. Courses in the technical certificate provide both classroom and hands-on learning in the areas of CAD fundamentals, technical drawing, 3D architectural modeling, and introduction to computers.

Entrance Requirements

*Submit a completed application and application fee;  
*Be at least 16 years of age;      

*Submit official high school transcript or GED transcript;      

*Submit official college transcripts, if applicable;      

*Present acceptable SAT or ACT scores taken within the last 60 months, or acceptable COMPASS or ASSET scores taken within the last 60 months. Documentation on a college transcript of successful completion of appropriate courses from a regionally accredited college or university may be accepted in lieu of test scores.

Course Overview

Credit Hours
Occupational Courses (15 hours)

Prereqs: None

Coreqs: Provisional Admission

Introduces the fundamental concepts, terminology, and operations necessary to use computers. Emphasis is placed on basic functions and familiarity with computer use. Topics include an introduction to computer terminology, the Windows environment, Internet and email, word processing software, spreadsheet software, database software, and presentation software.

Prereqs: Provisional Admission

Coreqs: COMP 1000

Establishes safety practices as they relate to a drafting environment. Introduces basic CAD functions while presenting essential principles and practices for line relationships, scale, and geometric construction.

Prereqs: None

Coreqs: None

Technical Drawing I provides multiview and pictorial sketching, orthographic drawing and fundamental dimensioning methods necessary to develop 2D and 3D views that completely describe machine parts for manufacture using intermediate CAD software techniques.

Prereqs: None

Coreqs: None

In the Architectural 3D Modeling course, the student becomes acquainted with concepts of the software related to Parametric modeling for Architectural drafting. The student will develop the skills necessary to create 3D models and presentation/constructions drawings.


Autocad Student

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*This program is embedded within the Drafting Associate Degree and Diploma.


Greg Maddock
Drafting Technology Program Coordinator
Office: 7118 A & B
Phone: (229) 333-2100 ext. 2660
Campus: Valdosta Campus