Broadband Installation Specialist - BI21

Offered at the Following Campus

  • Ben Hill-Irwin Campus

Program Overview

The purpose of the Broadband Installation Specialist technical certificate is to provide training opportunities for persons to gain entry level employment in the field of broadband telecommunications. Courses in the technical certificate provide both classroom and hands-on learning in the areas of safety, cable installation, grounding and bonding, standards and codes, terminations and testing, and CATV installations and troubleshooting.

Entrance Requirements

*Submit a completed application and application fee;      

*Be at least 16 years of age; 
*Submit official high school transcript or GED transcript;
*Submit official college transcripts, if applicable;      

*Present acceptable SAT or ACT scores taken within the last 60 months, or acceptable COMPASS or ASSET scores taken within the last 60 months. Documentation on a college transcript of successful completion of appropriate courses from a regionally accredited college or university may be accepted in lieu of test scores.

Course Overview

Credit Hours
Occupational Courses (9 hours)

Prereqs: None

Coreqs: None

Upon completion of the course a student will understand the fundamentals of cable television systems and high-speed data and telephony over cable. This course provides the basis for further study of cable television and broadband systems. Topics include: general organization of cable TV systems, TV transmission plans and equipment, TV signal characteristics and processing, and basic analysis of TV picture quality and problems

Prereqs: None

Coreqs: TELE 1690

Introduces the basics of coaxial cable installation from the initial site survey to installing cable and making connections. Through extensive laboratory activities, students will perform the basic tasks of a coaxial cable installer. Including but not limited to site survey, cable pulling, cable connections, cable distribution systems, and premise connections.

Prereqs: None

Coreqs: TELE 1700

Upon completion the student will understand and perform the following: the installation, testing, and repair of simple and complex broadband systems. The student will be involved in extensive laboratory activities giving practical hands-on experience with various broadband equipment and systems. Topics include: installing customer drops, setting up and configuring cable access units (set-top boxes), TV sets, VCRs and other customer broadband and equipment.