Automotive Collision Repair Assistant II - AZ51

Offered at the Following Campus

  • Valdosta Campus

Program Overview

The Automotive Collision Repair Assistant II certificate program is an advanced certificate option a student can complete after finishing the Automotive Collision Repair Assistant I program. Topics covered include collision repair tools and equipment, hydraulic systems, damage analysis and estimations, frame straightening, and conventional/unibody structural panel repairs and replacement.


Entrance Requirements

*Submit a completed application and application fee;   
*Be at least 16 years of age;  
*Submit official high school transcript or GED transcript;   
*Submit official college transcripts, if applicable;   
*Present acceptable SAT or ACT scores taken within the last 60 months, or acceptable COMPASS or ASSET scores taken within the last 60 months. Documentation on a college transcript of successful completion of appropriate courses from a regionally accredited college or university may be accepted in lieu of test scores.


Course Overview

Credit Hours
Occupational Courses (15 hours)

Prereqs: None

Coreqs: ACRP 1000, ACRP 1005

This course introduces the materials, tools, and operations required to repair minor collision damage and it provides instruction in non-metallic auto body repair techniques.

Prereqs: ACRP 1000

Coreqs: ACRP 1005

This course introduces procedures and resources used in the identification and assessment of automotive collision damages. This course provides instruction on the hydraulic systems and for the diagnosis, straightening, measuring and alignment of automobile frames and bodies.

Prereqs: ACRP 1000

Coreqs: ACRP 2010

This course provides instruction in conventional/unibody automobile body structural panel repairs emphasizing a variety of removal and replacement techniques.



Mark Whitson
Automotive Collision Repair Program Coordinator
Office: 204
Phone: (229) 333-2114 ext. 3036
Campus: Valdosta Campus