Programs for High School Students

College Credit Now Options

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College offers several different courses and options for current and graduating high school students. Make a selection below to find out which option is right for you:

College Credit Now - Dual Enrollment

Do you want to get a head start on your college career while still in high school? Sure you do. At Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, you can earn college credit while completing your high school diploma. Dual enrollment gives you the opportunity to earn a technical certificate of credit or technical college credits while working toward your high school diploma.

Classes are offered at your high school, or you may get to take classes at one of our college campuses. For more information on our dual enrollment program, go to Frequently Asked Questions, or watch our NEW video here.

College Credit Now - Joint Enrollment

Joint Enrollment provides high school students with the opportunity to take courses at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College and receive college credit ONLY for the courses that they take at the college. Joint Enrollment students usually attend college classes in the afternoon or evening after they have attended high school an entire school day. Joint Enrollment students are allowed to take academic core and occupational program courses for any technical certificate or diploma program in which they are eligible. Eighty percent (80%) of the tuition will be paid by the HOPE Grant for Georgia residents. Wiregrass will exempt other tuition and fees. Students will only be responsible for books and materials.

Is there an application fee to enroll at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College in a program under JOINT Enrollment?
Yes. Students that are strictly getting college credit will be required to pay the $20 application fee.

Joint Enrollment Student Requirements

A Joint Enrollment student must:

  • Fill out a Wiregrass Georgia Technical College application
  • Provide WGTC with copies of high school transcripts
  • Meet all technical college admissions requirements for the selected program of study (including passing the ASSET/COMPASS test)
  • Fill out a HOPE Grant Application form

College Credit Now - ACCEL Program

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College provides an opportunity for eligible Georgia public, private, and homeschooled high school students with the opportunity to earn college degree-level credit hours in English, math, social studies and other curricula as they simultaneously meet their high school graduation requirements. The hours taken under the ACCEL program will not count against the HOPE cap hours.

The ACCEL regulations can be accessed at under Georgia's HOPE Program, Scholarship and Grant Regulations.

For more information on the ACCEL Program, go to Frequently Asked Questions.

Move On When Ready

Move On When Ready provides high school students the opportunity to “jump start” their post secondary education during their high school years.

High school students will be free to “move on” earlier to the next educational level.  Students will have an educational alternative other than the traditional high school setting or school day structure. Students can save money on future college costs since most expenses are paid from the local school system funding.

For more information on the Move On When Ready program, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

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