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Air Conditioning Technology
Air Conditioning Technology at WGTC offers the opportunities to develop skills needed to achieve the level of expertise in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration that will prepare graduates for a very successful career in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. Job prospects for heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers are expected to be excellent, particularly for those who have completed training from an accredited technical college, such as WGTC.

Automotive Collision Repair Technology
The Auto Collision Technology Repair program is a comprehensive collision refinishing program streamlined in the steps of auto body collision and refinishing. This program provides students with skills and knowledge to become an entry level body repair or refinishing technician.

Automotive Technology
The Automotive Technology program is a technically advanced program that provides students with the knowledge and skills to become a certified technician in the modern automotive industry. The program emphasizes a combination of automotive mechanics theory and practical application necessary for successful employment.

Diesel Truck Maintenance
The Diesel Truck Maintenance program provides the knowledge a technician needs to administer maintenance on semi-trucks, trailers and other diesel equipment. Diesel equipment technicians are needed to repair heavy trucks and engines using various tools, specialized equipment, and computerized diagnostics. Graduates of this program will be trained in diesel shop safety, preventive maintenance procedures, truck brake systems and drive trains, and tools and equipment.

Electrical/Computer Engineering Technology
The Electrical/Computer Engineering Technology program uses the principles of science and mathematics to develop solutions to technical problems. This program combines technical skills and engineering methods to support engineering activities. Gradates of this program will be qualified to specialize in computer engineering, instrumental and control technology, and telecommunications engineering technology.

Electrical Systems Technology
The Electrical Systems Technology program combines classroom instruction and practical experience with actual field work to provide students with the skills necessary for employment as residential, commercial, or industrial electricians.

Industrial Systems Technology
The Industrial Systems Technology program prepares students for employment in a variety of positions within the industrial maintenance field. The program provides learning opportunities which introduce, develop, and reinforce academic and technical knowledge, skills and attitudes required for job acquisition, retention and advancement. Additionally, the program provides opportunities to retrain or upgrade present knowledge and skills. Graduates of the program are qualified for employment as an industrial maintenance technician, electrician, or mechanic.

Machine Tool Technology
Open any device and you will find a number of parts that causes the device to operate. With a Machine Tool Technology diploma or degree, students will learn to make, test, and repair precision parts from blueprints and other specifications. Students work on state of the art computer-numerically-controlled (CNC) machines in the laboratory.

Telecommunications and Security
The Telecommunications and Security Technology program prepares students to work in the next generation of telecommunications services. Graduates will be proficient in security systems and in voice and network technologies including VoIP and packetized switching, and will be able to install and maintain the current legacy systems.

Welding and Joining Technology
The Welding and Joining Technology program provides educational opportunities that provide the knowledge skills and attitudes necessary to succeed in the field of welding. The program combines classroom study, lab experience, and work on live projects to produce graduates who are prepared for employment as welding and joining technicians. Program graduates may choose either a diploma or technical certificate or credit, and are prepared to take specialized certification/qualification exams for work in field.   


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