IV. Academic Administration

Policy Manual | IV. Academic Administration

  1. Academic Administration
    1. Mission Statement
    2. Statement of Equal Opportunity
    3. Academic Freedom
      1. Academic Freedom Grievance Procedure
    4. Institutional, General Program, and Program Specific Standards
    5. Program Advisory Committees
    6. Service Delivery Areas
    7. Technical College Calendars
    8. Structure of Associate Degree, Diploma, and Technical Certificate of Credit Programs
    9. Warranty of Degree, Diploma, and Technical Certificate of Credit Graduates
    10. Articulation and Transfer
    11. Cooperative Agreements with Industry
    12. College Campuses
    13. Instructional Live Work Projects
    14. Non-Credit Instruction
      1. Non-Credit Instruction Procedure
    15. Quick Start
    16. Programs for Adult Education
    17. General Educational Development (GED) Testing
    18. Program Approval and Termination
      1. Program Approval and Termination Procedure
    19. Student Attendance Procedure