The Policy Manual of the Technical College System of Georgia is currently under revision by the State Board. Please use the following link to access the most updated state policies that WGTC follows.



    Table of Contents

  1. Mission and System of Governance
  2. Administration
  3. Human Resources
  4. Academic Administration
  5. Student Affairs
  6. New TCSG Policies and Procedures


Policy Administration Procedure

Local procedures clarify the roles and responsibilities for the administration of policies for the institution. All policies and procedures contained in the WGTC Policy Manual are administratively assigned to the President of the college and the senior staff member responsible for respective administrative units. The designated official is responsible for keeping said policies and/or procedures clear, concise, current, and in compliance with state and federal law. A pictorial representation of these responsibilities is displayed in the WGTC Organizational Chart. WGTC administrative units are supervised by the following senior staff members:

These staff members are given decision making authority for their respective units of the college as represented in their job descriptions.