Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

The amount of tuition assessed each term varies based on program of study, residency, and the number of credit hours enrolled. Tuition and fees are assessed in accordance with the policies set forth by the State Board for Technical and Adult Education and are subject to change without notice. The current tuition and fee schedule may be obtained by clicking here. Continuing education and business contract training fees are assessed differently based on the course content or individual needs of the business requesting development of the course.

Effective January 1, 2012, all students applying for in-state tuition must provide validation of lawful presence in the United States. Please click here to see a listing of approved documentation that may be submitted for in-state tuition consideration.

Payment Deadlines

All tuition and fees are due by the stated deadlines and may be paid by cash, check, credit/debit card, money order, third-party assistance, or approved financial aid. Students whose tuition and fees are not paid by the seventh class day of the semester will be dropped from classes.

Withdrawal / Dropping Classes
Dropping classes or withdrawing completely can result in a reduction of a student’s financial aid. Students who drop classes or withdraw may not have enough financial aid to cover their current tuition, fees, or book charges, or may have already received a Pell refund to which they are no longer entitled. As a result, the student will be held financially responsible for any balance due to the college. See the refund policy below for more information on Title IV (Pell & SEOG) funds.

Drop/Add Period
Students who withdraw from a course by the end of the third instructional day of the semester shall receive a 100 percent refund, excluding the application fee. Students who withdraw after the third instructional day of the semester shall receive no refund. In addition, courses dropped after the drop/add period will be counted as “attempted” for financial aid purposes and the student will receive a grade of “W” or a final letter grade of F.

Withdrawing from the College

A student who is withdrawing from attendance at the college must confer with his or her advisor to complete a withdrawal form. The timely and accurate completion of this form is critical and may have financial aid implications. Failure of the student to complete this form and properly withdraw may affect future aid decisions as well as decisions on readmittance.  For students who withdraw without proper notification, a withdrawal form will be completed by the advisor using the best available information. Students can withdraw from a course prior to the midpoint of the scheduled course dates of the semester and receive a "W." After such date, a grade of “F” will be given if a student does not complete a course or is found in fault of course abandonment.

Financial Obligations
A student with a balance due to the college for any reason is subject to being dropped from classes or having a hold placed on his/her student account. The hold will prevent the student from obtaining grades, transcripts, or registering for future classes until all financial obligations have been cleared.

Types of Fees

  • Application Fee: This one-time, non-refundable fee of $25 is due when the individual applies for a certificate, diploma, or degree program.
  • Student Activity Fee: All students, with the exception of strictly online students, are required to pay an activity fee of $45 each semester. The fee supports student activities sponsored by the Student Government Association.
  • Registration Fee: Students are required to pay a $50 registration fee each semester.
  • Technology Fee: Students are required to pay a $105 instructional technology fee each semester. Transient students enrolled in more than one college will only pay the fee at their home college.
  • Instructional Fee: Students are assessed a $50 fee each semester to fund instructional program needs that are not sufficiently covered by tuition.
  • Liability/Malpractice Insurance Fee: All students enrolled in clinical portions of cosmetology, child care, and medical programs must pay a liability/malpractice insurance fee of $4 per semester.
  • Accident Insurance Fee: A $6 fee is charged to every student each semester. The insurance includes partial coverage for accidents that occur while on campus or while participating in activities sponsored and supervised by the college.
  • Fuel Surcharge: Students in the commercial truck driving program pay a $185 fuel surcharge when they enroll in CTD 102.
  • ID Card Fee: Students are assessed a $5 fee for replacement ID cards.
  • Transcript Fee: Students may obtain one official transcript at no charge. Subsequent copies are available at a fee of $5 each. Students may obtain an unofficial copy at no charge by logging in to their Banweb account.
  • Commencement Participation Fee: A fee of $35 is assessed for graduates participating in the commencement ceremony.
  • Returned Check Fee: Personal checks will be accepted for the amount of fees or services. Returned checks will be assessed a $30 return check fee or 5 percent of the face value, whichever is greater.
  • Books and Supplies: Textbooks and other required supplies may be purchased at the bookstore prior to the beginning of the semester by cash, check, and credit/debit card. Students eligible for Pell, WIA, or third-party scholarship may charge the cost of books and supplies to these funds.
  • Uniforms: Student in programs such as cosmetology and most allied health areas must purchase college-approved uniforms according to program specifications.
  • Auditing Fees: Students who wish to take a class without receiving credit may audit the course and pay the normal tuition and fees. Audited classes are not eligible for financial aid.
  • Exemption Test Fee: Students may take an exemption test to obtain credit for a given course without having to register for and attend the class. The test fee is equal to 25 percent of the normal tuition for the class being exempted.
  • Late Registration Fee: Students who do not register for class and pay fees at the designated registration time(s) are subject to a $45 late fee.
  • Change of Program Fee: A fee of $10 will be assessed for the second and all subsequent changes of program.
  • Facilities Fee: Students are assessed a $25 fee each semester to support maintenance and improvement of campus facilities including lighting, security, and parking.