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The CLCP is the Georgia solution for reaching adults effectively to establish a non-profit collaborative community effort to promote, support and enhance community literacy efforts. Communities participating in the program analyze their specific needs, create public awareness of these needs, ensure that learning opportunities are offered, and evaluate the progress of the literacy program so that citizens who need to improve their skills do so within ten years. This CLCP network is formed to coordinate business, faith-based groups, volunteer, social services, local government, schools and media to reach, influence, and support those individuals who want to improve their education.

CLCP of Region IV encompasses Service Delivery Area 33 which consists of Atkinson, Ben Hill, Coffee, Irwin, and Wilcox counties and SDA 35 which consists of Berrien, Brooks, Cook, Echols, Lowndes, and Lanier counties. CLCP is a partnership resulting in improved literacy levels of children, families, and workers in the entire community.

Its purpose is to:

  • Harness power of communities, businesses, education, and government to fight illiteracy;
  • Foster a collaborative approach in mobilizing all of the communities' resources;
  • Address scarce adult education funding needed to recruit adult students.

Family Literacy

By age four, children who live in poor families will have heard 32 million fewer words than children living in professional families. One in five of America’s children below the age of five lives in poverty.

The family is the most powerful influence on a child’s ability to succeed. Literacy is the foundation on which all learning is based.

Family literacy is a proven intergenerational approach that improves the literacy, language, and life skills of both parents and children.

Long-term research verifies that literacy programs produce significant results: Adults obtain and keep employment, a higher percentage of adults achieve GED® equivalency, and the amount of literacy activity in the home increases by 80 percent. Adults who participate in literacy programs often pursue educational and job-related goals, such as earning a high school diploma or GED®, learning English, and gaining computer skills. Uniquely, they also have opportunities to learn how to create a learning environment at home, regardless of their current literacy level. Children receive age-appropriate instruction that prepares them for school and starts them on a path of lifelong learning.

Frequently asked questions concerning the Adult Education Program

What can adult education classes offer?
Basic instruction in reading, writing and math skills; preparation for the General Education Development (GED®) test; individualized programs of study to meet your learning needs; small classes; free classes and instructional materials; career transition assistance into credit enrollment for GED® graduates.

Who should attend adult education classes?
Adults who did not finish high school but want to further their education at a technical college, with skills below the high school level seeking job advancement, and with limited English proficiency.

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Adult Ed

Lisa G. Tomberlin
Vice President for Operations
4089 Val Tech Road, Rm 7290B
Valdosta, GA 31602
Phone: (229) 468-2078
Fax: (229) 333-2129

Alice B. Hobson
Operations Coordinator (North)
667 Perry House Road, Rm 218
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
Phone: (229) 468-2278
Fax: (229) 468-2110

Judy Stewart
Operations Coordinator (South)
706 West Baker Highway, Rm 160
Douglas, GA 31533
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Fax: (912) 389-4308