ALLIED HEALTH, PROGRAMS OFFICE(229) 333-2100 ext 3086Ben Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, 200 Wing, Rm 213
ARTS & SCIENCES, PROGRAMS OFFICE(229) 333-2100 ext 6110Ben Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , Valdosta CampusLowndes Hall, 300 Wing, Rm
BUSINESS EDUCATION, PROGRAMS OFFICE(229) 333-2100 ext 5183Ben Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , Valdosta CampusLowndes Hall
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES , PROGRAMS OFFICE(229) 468-2004Ben Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , Valdosta Campus
TECHNICAL & INDUSTRIAL, PROGRAMS OFFICE(229) 333-2100 ext 5557Ben Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, 200 Wing, Rm.
Acree, Cheryl(229) 333-2126Executive Assistant to the PresidentValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7278
Adult Education, Program (229) 549-7368 ext 7839Cook CampusCook Campus
Agyubeng-Dadzie, FiifiBiology InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7245A
Alexxandar, Adann-Kennn(229) 333-2123 ext 1233Adult Education InstructorValdosta CampusMobile Unit 7
Allmond, Timothy(912) 389-4303 ext. 2241Campus Police ChiefCoffee CampusRoom 114
Anderson, Dr. Tina K.229-333-2119PresidentValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7279
Ard, GaryMaintenance SpecialistValdosta Campus
Ausby, Robert(229) 333-2100, ext. 3091Criminal Justice InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, room 332
Auto Collision, Repair(229) 333-2114 Valdosta CampusValdosta Campus
Automotive, Repair(229) 468-2050Ben Hill-Irwin CampusBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 312
Automotive, Repair(229) 333-2114, ext 3042Valdosta CampusValdosta Campus
Baggett, Blondeen(229) 468-2220Admissions SpecialistCoffee CampusRoom 102
Baggett, Rodney(912) 389-4303 ext. 2256Commercial Truck Driving InstructorCoffee CampusCommercial Truck Driving Mobile Unit
Bailey, Dynesha(229) 333-2105 ext.2142Student Affairs AssistantValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 301
Barnes, Christopher(229) 468-2000CustodianBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Barnett, Frank(229) 333-2100 ext 5581Pharmacy Technology Program Coordinator and Exposure Control CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 217
Bassett, Andrea(229) 468-2087Financial Aid CoordinatorCoffee CampusRoom 107
Bedford, Lisa(229) 468-2081Payroll Services CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 212B
Bennett, Kenny(229) 468-2000, ext. 2071Telecommunications InstructorBen Hill-Irwin Campus8107
Bennett, Patrice(229) 468-2226Library & Media Services CoordinatorCoffee CampusRoom 180
Biggers, Jean(229) 468-2065Admissions SpecialistBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Bilger, Steve(229) 333-2115 ext.3042Automotive Technology Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 127
Blitch, Gail(229) 333-2100 ext. 3059Dental Hygiene InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall
Bookstore, The(229) 468-2020Ben Hill-IrwinBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 220
Bookstore, The(229) 468-2227Coffee CampusCoffee CampusRoom 121
Bookstore, The(229) 549-7368Cook CampusCook Campus Front Office
Bookstore, The(229) 333-5392Valdosta CampusValdosta CampusRoom 354
Bowen, Lynn(229) 333-2100 ext.5185Dean of Academic AffairsValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7244
Bramley, Roy(229) 333-2100 ext. 3037Auto Collision Repair InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 204
Braswell, Brittany(912) 389-4303 ext. 3071Criminal Justice InstructorCoffee Campus, High Schools
Brinson, Rachel(229) 333-2100WIOA Literacy to Work Case ManagerValdosta Campus
Brogdon, Jarrod(229) 293-6240 ext 1240Chief Information OfficerValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 117
Brown, Heather(229) 468-2283Financial Aid TechnicianCoffee CampusCoffee Hall, Room 103
Brown, Paulette(229) 468-2208Advisement & Retention Center SpecialistCoffee CampusOffice 176
Brownlee, Kiva(229) 468-2273Adult Education InstructorBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 403
Bruce, Cecelia(229) 333-2100 ext. 2664Medical Assisting Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 215
Butts, Roy(229) 259-5118GroundskeeperValdosta CampusMaintenance Building, Room 600
Byers, Jonathan(229) 219-1238Instructor, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 132
Cardwell, Dorisanne(229) 259-5177Library AssistantValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7174A
Carlton, Cabot(229) 468-2075Welding InstructorBen Hill-Irwin CampusWelding Building, Room 902
Carney, Donna(229) 333-2100 ext. 2101Director of AccountingValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 322
Carroll, Sherry(229) 468-2030Psychology InstructorCoffee Campus628D
Carter, Nyeasha(229) 333-2100 ext. 3005Admissions TechnicianValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 302H
Carvajal, Dr. Cheryl(229) 333-2100, ext. 3046Humanities/English InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7245B
Clark, Mary(229) 468-2253Admissions TechnicianBen Hill-Irwin Campus620
Clayton, Kaye(229) 468-2000 ext. 2017WIOA Program CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 617
Clements, DeAnnia(229) 468-2031Dean of Academic AffairsBen Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , Valdosta CampusVLD Berrien Hall 213B OR BHI Irwin Hall 8102A
Clemons, Joy(229) 333-2100 ext.3027Cosmetology InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 366
Cobb, Christy(229) 468-2218Director of Economic DevelopmentBen Hill-Irwin CampusCHLC, Room 635A
Collier, William "Toby"(229) 468-2071Telecommunications InstructorBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 8122
Conley, Tiffany(229) 333-2100 ext. 3053English InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7245A
Corbitt, Kevin(229) 468-2000, ext. 7829Criminal Justice InstructorBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 317
Cosmetic Esthetics, Services(229) 249-2739Valdosta CampusValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7118-B
Cosmetology, Appointments(229) 468-2100Ben Hill-Irwin CampusBen Hill-Irwin Campus105
Cosmetology, Appointments(229) 468-2232Coffee CampusCoffee CampusModular D
Cosmetology, Appointments(229) 549-7644Cook CampusCook Campus Rooms 101-102
Cosmetology, Appointments(229) 333-2104Valdosta CampusValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 368
Courson, Susan(229) 333-2100 ext.3011Student Success CounselorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 100
Cox, Sabrina(229) 468-2022Director of Distance EducationCoffee Campus, OnlineCoffee Hall, Room 145; Ben Hill, Room 8102C
Crance, Angela(229) 333-2124Special Assistant to the PresidentValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 322
Cunningham, Dan229-219-1238CEO, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 130B
Cunningham, Monica(229) 219-1238Director of Admissions, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 128B
Daniel, Kate(229) 468-2000Testing Services SupportBen Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee CampusRoom 360C
Davis, Denese(229) 333-2100 ext 3068Area Director--Health & Management ProfessionsValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7264
Davis, Elizabeth(229) 468-2000CustodianBen Hill-Irwin CampusMaintenance Building
Davis, Jesse(229) 468-2050Automotive Technology Program CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 309
Davis, Joe(229) 245-6452Air Conditioning Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 203
Davis, Mary(229) 333-2100 ext. 3065Practical Nursing InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 219
Davis, Raymond(229) 259-5118CustodianValdosta CampusMaintenance Building, Room 600
Day, Bethany(229) 468-2020Bookstore SpecialistBen Hill-Irwin Campus220
Day, Daphne(229) 468-2009Patient Care Assisting InstructorCoffee CampusRoom 2254
Day, MikeWelding InstructorBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Denson, April(229) 333-2100 ext. 3119AES Underage Transition SpecialistValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, room 116
Dental Clinic, Hygiene Services(229) 245-3716Valdosta CampusValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Wing 200
Dix, Michelle(229) 468-2000 ext 4115Accounts Payable SpecialistBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 212A
Donar, LaToya(229) 259-5118CustodianValdosta CampusMaintenance Building, Room 600
Dopson, Johnnie(912) 389-4303CustodianCoffee CampusCoffee Hall
Dorminey, Sally(229) 245-2462Executive Director of Distance EducationOnline, Valdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7131
Drexler, Julie(229) 333-2100 ext. 3002Assistant RegistrarValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 110
Drexler, Tim(229) 333-2100 ext. 3049Computer Information Systems InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7253
Duffie, Laquecia(229) 468-2024Financial Aid TechnicianBen Hill-Irwin Campus623
Dukes, Marsha(229) 333-2100 ext 3047Director, Center of ExcellenceValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 348
Durkovic, Nelda(229) 468-2032RegistrarBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 628 A
Edwards, Deanna(229) 468-2004Business Education InstructorBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 8208
Edwards, Felishia(229) 247-2012Tower Instructor, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 132
Ellenberg, Joy(229) 333-2100 ext. 1367Testing Services SupportValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 105
Ellis, Dr. Charles(229) 333-2100 ext. 2463English and Humanities InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7239
Feagle, Tom(229) 333-2100 ext. 2603Dean of Academic AffairsBen Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 408
Fisher, John(229) 219-1238Executive VP, Business Development, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 132
Fiveash, Laura(229) 333-2100, ext. 3087Nursing & Allied Health Core InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 120
Fletcher, Andrea(229) 468-2049High School Services CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin Campus, High Schools Room 628C
Fletcher, Michael(229) 333-2100 ext.3075Director of FacilitiesValdosta CampusMaintenance Building, Room 600
Floyd, Deidra(229) 468-2266Practical Nursing InstructorCoffee CampusCoffee Hall, Room 130
Foskey, Alyssa(229) 333-2100 ext.6109Business Management Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7247
Foster, Charles(229) 247-2012Tower Instructor, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 132
Fountain, Julia(229) 333-2123Adult Education InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 132
Frailey, Margaret(229) 333-2100 ext. 3060Dental Hygiene InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 220
Frei, DebraCommercial Truck Driving InstructorValdosta Campus
Gallagher, Rebecca(229) 333-2100 ext.3033DMPT Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7114
Garcia, Juan(229) 333-2100, ext. 2036Criminal Justice InstructorCook Campus , High Schools
Garner, Mary Ann(229) 468-2018WebmasterBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 640
Garzia, RayMathematics InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7260
Gaskins, Songelyn(912) 389-4303 ext. 2057Early Childhood Care & Education InstructorCoffee Campus
Gay, Roxane(229) 468-2023Operations SpecialistBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 640
Gelatt, Linda(229) 468-2209Business Administrative Technology InstructorCoffee Campus167
George, Chris(912) 389-4303 ext. 2261 Lead Maintenance Technician Coffee CampusCoffee Campus
Gibbs, Chymeka(229) 333-2122Department Assistant for Economic DevelopmentValdosta CampusBrooks Hall, Room 512
Giddens, Talarie(229) 333-2100 ext. 3025Esthetics Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7117
Goodson, Jim(229) 333-7965Department Chair for Professional Services/Fire Science Technology Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 413
Grabenstetter, RonaldTutoring Services CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 350
Grant, Angela(229) 333-2100 ext. 5535Business Education InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7240
Gray, Shameeka(229) 333-2100Patient Care Assisting & Core InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall
Greene, Holly(229) 549-7368 ext. 7830Associate Vice President for OperationsCook Campus COOK
Greenway, Lidell(229) 468-2240Vice President for Economic DevelopmentCoffee Campus, Valdosta CampusCoffee Hall, Room 132 OR Valdosta Campus, Brooks H
Greinke, Traci(229) 333-2100 ext:1394Admissions TechnicianValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Office 302H
Griffin, Obrin229-333-2100 ext, 3031Electrical Systems Technology Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 428
Griffis, Martha(229) 333-2100 ext. 2663Licensed Practical Nursing InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 221A
Griner, Tina(229) 468-2000 ext. 2005Underage Youth InstructorBen Hill-Irwin Campus400A
Groover, Tammy(229) 333-2100 ext 3066Practical Nursing InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 223
Hall, Garrett(229) 245-6581 ext. 6582History InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, room 7245A
Harrell, Randy(912) 389-4303 ext: 2246Math InstructorCoffee CampusCoffee Campus, Office 167
Harrison, Vonda229-333-2100 ext. 3054Department Assistant for Business EducationValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7239
Haskin, DebbieDepartment Assistant for IT ServicesValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 117
Heard, TobyAutomotive Repair Technology InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 127
Henderson, Kristy(229) 468-2044Area Director--Professional ServicesBen Hill-Irwin Campus117
Hendrix, Jordan(912) 389-4303 ext. 2215Medical Assisting InstructorCoffee CampusRoom 129A
Herring, Paula(229) 333-2109Financial Aid CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 108
Hickman, Jackie(229) 293-6261 ext. 3086Allied Health Department AssistantValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 213
Hobby, Angela(229) 333-5365Vice President for Enrollment ManagementBen Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , High Schools , Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 302D
Hodges, AmyBusiness Education InstructorHigh Schools
Holbrook, Liane(229) 333-2100 ext 3081Area Director--Social & Physical SciencesValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7245A
Honeycutt, Victoria(229) 333-2100 ext 6110Business Education InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7242
Hood, Perry(229) 468-2037Computer Information Systems InstructorBen Hill-Irwin Campus8212
Horton, Dalphne229-293-6190 Department Assistant Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 320
Howard, Kimala(229) 333-2100 ext. 1368Career Services SpecialistValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 100B
Howell, Ginny(229) 333-2100 ext. 3048Accounting Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7265
Hubert, Lydia(229) 245-2460Director of Marketing and Public RelationsBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 637
Hudson, Whitney(229) 457-1652NSF Grant Project ManagerBen Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , Valdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Executive Suite
Hutcheson, Karen(229) 333-2100 ext: 3029Cosmetology InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Office 366
Ingra, Leigh(229) 549-7368 ext 7834Cosmetology InstructorCook Campus Room 101
Jackson, Alice(229) 468-2245Patient Care Assisting Program CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin Campus8106
Jackson, Daedra(229) 333-2100, Ext. 3054Psychology InstructorHigh Schools , Valdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7245A
Jaramillo, Brooke(229) 333-2100 ext. 6163Director of RecruitmentHigh Schools , Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 316
Johnson, Brenda(229) 333-2100 ext 3059Dental Clinic Office ManagerValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, 200 Wing, Rm 220
Johnson, Elisa(912) 389-4303 ext. 2214 English InstructorCoffee Campus, High Schools 2-103
Johnson, Missy(229) 333-2100 ext. 3045Early Childhood Care & Education InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, room 7261
Johnson, Robert229-468-2000Lead CustodianBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Joyner, Marcia(229) 333-2123AES Underage InstructorValdosta CampusMobile Unit #7, room 132
Kelly, Dr. Bonnie(229) 468-2091Executive Director for Institutional Effectiveness Ben Hill-Irwin Campus630B
Kilitzian, Stacy(229) 333-2118Accounting Specialist Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 328
Kirkley, AshleyBiology InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7245A
Kittrell, Lethia(229) 468-3310Adult Education InstructorBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Lamon, April(229) 333-2100 ext 3067Director of Clinical AffiliationsValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 213D
Lane, Anna(229) 249-2661Math InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7260
Leavy, Amanda(229) 249-2670Evaluation CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 110
Lee, WayneBarbering InstructorValdosta Campus
Leeman, Cathy(229) 468-2000 ext. 2093English InstructorBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Leverett, Angela(229) 468-2079Assistant to the RegistrarBen Hill-Irwin Campus628 B
Lewis, JenayAdult Education Services InstructorValdosta Campus
Library, The(229) 468-2012Ben Hill-Irwin CampusBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 101
Library, The(229) 468-2226Coffee CampusCoffee CampusRoom 180
Library, The(229) 549-7368 ext 7941Cook CountyCook Campus Room 204
Library, The(229) 259-5177Valdosta CampusValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7147
Lorden, Marcia(229) 253-9571Satellite Services SpecialistMoody Air Force Base Satellite CenterMoody Campus, Building 328 Education Center
Lott, April(229) 468-2231Cosmetology Program CoordinatorCoffee Campus
Lott, Kayla(912) 389-4303, ext. 2227Bookstore TechnicianCoffee Campus
Loveless, Jessica(229) 333-2100 ext:3058Admissions TechnicianValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Rm 302B
Lovett, Lawton(229) 468-2072Director of FacilitiesBen Hill-Irwin Campus630B
Loving, Dr. Chassitty(229) 333-2100 ext: 5001Biology Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Office 201 H
Lowrance, ArthurServsafe InstructorValdosta CampusBrooks Hall, room 540
Lusk, Luther229-259-5118 CustodianValdosta CampusMaintenance Building 600
Mahaffey, Mickey229-219-1238Executive VP, Training, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 132
Marchessault, Jill(229) 333-2107 ext.3008Financial Aid TechnicianValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 108
Mason, Don(229) 333-2100 ext. 2661Math InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7260
Mason, Rene(229) 333-2100, ext. 2127Strategic Planning SpecialistValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7275
Mathis, Daisy(229) 549-7368, Ext. 7831Campus Operations SpecialistCook Campus
Mays, Angelia(229) 468-2043BANNER Accounts Receivable Specialist Ben Hill-Irwin Campus203A
Mays, Daniel(229) 468-2075Welding InstructorBen Hill-Irwin Campus902
McCall, Steven(229) 468-2000 ext. 2007History InstructorBen Hill-Irwin Campus8118A
McConico, Shannon(229) 333-2110Dean of Student AffairsValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Rm 303
McDuffie, April(229) 468-2103, ext 4103Associate Vice President for Adult EducationBen Hill-Irwin Campus400A
McMillan, Kim(229) 333-2100 ext. 3044Food Services SupervisorValdosta CampusSTUDENT CENTER
Merritt, AshleyDiesel Mechanics InstructorCoffee Campus
Merritt, Brandi(229) 468-2222Admissions TechnicianCoffee CampusCoffee Campus, Room 109
Miller, Deirdra(229) 333-2100 ext. 3117Transition SpecialistValdosta CampusMobile Unit 7
Mitchell, Nancy(229) 468-2074Continuing Education SpecialistBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 635D
Mobley, Shamonti(229) 333-2100 ext. 1246High School Services SpecialistHigh Schools , Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 310
Moody, Thomas(229) 468-2000 ext. 2056Industrial Systems Technology Program CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin CampusBen Hill Hall, Room 408
Moore, Martiez(229) 333-2100 ext. 2116Admissions CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 302B
Musgrove, Stacey(229) 549-7368 ext 3101Practical Nursing InstructorCook Campus , High Schools
Nagy, Al229-219-1238Director of Training and Simulation, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 126A
Nash, Dora(229) 333-2100 ext. 2041Associate of Science Nursing InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 120
Nolan, Kim(229) 468-2262Adult Education InstructorCoffee Campus
Norman, Donna(229) 468-2084Mathematics InstructorBen Hill-Irwin Campus8206
O'Meara, Dr. Ronald(229) 333-2100 ext 2111Vice President for Research & Strategic InitiativesValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Rm 7290A
O'Neal, Pam(229) 333-5392 ext. 3022Bookstore CoordinatorValdosta Campus354
Ogletree, Kathryn229-333-2100 ext. 3016Director of Academic AffairsValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7289B
Pack, Katherine(229) 333-2100 ext. 1230Area Director--English, Math, Humanities, & Foreign LanguagesValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7239
Parramore, Peggy(229) 468-2224Testing Services SupportCoffee Campus
Parrish, Debra229-259-5118CustodianValdosta Campus600
Patten, John(229) 333-2100 ext. 3076Digital Information Media Technology Instructor Valdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7263
Paulk, Christine(229) 468-2229Practical Nursing InstructorCoffee CampusRoom 130
Paulk, Mona(229) 468-2102Executive Director for AdvancementBen Hill-Irwin Campus635A
Paulk, Sequoia(912) 389-4303, ext. 2233Welcome Center AssistantCoffee Campus
Payton, Dr. Alvin(229) 333-2125Vice President for Community Affairs & Minority RecruitmentValdosta CampusBrooks Hall, Room 541
Peeples, MichaelMaintenance SpecialistValdosta Campus
Phillips, KellySurgical Technology Program CoordinatorValdosta Campus
Pippin, Mary Donna(229) 293-6377 ext. 3035Press OperatorValdosta Campus7111-A
Pitts, Mitchell(229) 333-2100, ext. 2128Culinary Arts InstructorValdosta CampusBrooks Hall, room 535
Plos, Wayne(229) 249-2671Machine Tool Technology Program CoordinatorValdosta Campus122
Ponder, Mark(229) 259-5541EMS/Paramedicine InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 210A
Ponsell, Tommy(912) 383-0339 ext. 2254Commercial Truck Driving Program CoordinatorCoffee Campus
Powell, AndyComputer Information System Technology Programming InstructorValdosta Campus
Prescott, Stacey(229) 259-5180High School Services CoordinatorHigh Schools , Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 312
Presley, Yolanda(229) 468-2234Registrar Office AssistantCoffee CampusCoffee Campus, Room 105
Printing, Design Services(229) 293-6377Valdosta CampusValdosta CampusLowndes Hall
Rago, Jim(229) 249-2672Director of PurchasingValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 326
Ranson, Susan(229) 468-2008Career Services CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus217/113
Rasmussen, Jannett "Rainy"(229) 333-2100 ext:3079Commercial Truck Driving InstructorValdosta CampusCTD Mobile Unit 3
Ray, Jennifer(229) 245-2461Radiologic Technology Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Office 216
Ray, Julia(229) 468-2272Department Assistant for Adult Education ServicesBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 400B
Reaves, Paula(229) 468-2000 ext. 2045Practical Nursing InstructorBen Hill-Irwin CampusIrwin Hall, Room 8202 I
Repass, Chuck(229) 259-5118Lead CustodianValdosta CampusBuilding 600
Rewis, Wally(229) 333-2113Area Director--Technical & IndustrialValdosta Campus205
Rhodes, Richard(912) 389-4303, ext. 2206EMS InstructorCoffee Campus
Richardson, Jason(229) 333-2100 ext. 3007Speech InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7245C
Ridenour, Meghan(229) 259-5183Spanish InstructorOnline
Ridley, Darlene(229) 333-2100 ext. 3084Director of NursingValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 120
Riley, Diann(229) 333-2100 ext 3073Patient Care Assisting CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, 200 Wing, Rm 213
Roberts, William(229) 259-5118CustodianValdosta Campus600
Robinson, Shameca(229) 333-2100 ext. 3004WIOA CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 114
Ross, Paula(229) 333-2100 ext 3064Dental Assisting Clinical InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, 200 Wing, Rm 220
Ross, Timeka(229) 333-2100 ext. 3030English InstructorHigh Schools , Valdosta CampusLowndes Hall, room 7240
Rowntree, Jessie(229) 333-2100 ext. 1381Testing Services SupportValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 105
Royal, Katrina(229) 333-2100 ext. 1236Testing & Special Populations CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 105
Royals, John(229) 333-2115 ext.3043Automotive Technology InstructorValdosta Campus127
Rutkowski, April229-219-1238Recruiter, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 132
Sanders, Shalonda(229) 333-5356Executive Director for Human ResourcesValdosta CampusBrooks Hall, Room 547
Sands-Anderson, Cherlyn(229) 333-2123Adult Education InstructorValdosta CampusEAST
Schmidt, Dr. Penelope(229) 293-6190Executive Director of Advancement & Resource DevelopmentValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 329
Scholarships, Foundation(229) 468-2102, 393-6190
Security, Campus(229) 468-2034Ben Hill-IrwinBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 217
Security, Campus(229) 549-7368Cook CampusCook Campus Room 103
Seeman, RobertCommercial Truck Driving InstructorValdosta Campus
Shallenberger, Nancy(229) 259-5118Lead GroundskeeperValdosta Campus600
Sharpe, Dorothy(229) 549-7644 ext. 7834Cosmetology InstructorValdosta CampusCOOK
Shealy, Danya(229) 549-7368 ext. 7835Business Administrative Technology InstructorCook Campus Cook Campus
Shelton, Charles(229) 333-2100 ext. 5002Biology InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 201 H
Sims, Ronshekua(229) 333-2100 ext. 5557Department Assistant for Academic AffairsValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 408
Sirmans, Rosemary(229) 333-2100 ext: 5367Marketing SpecialistValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Office 311
Smith, Arthur229-247-2012Tower Instructor, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 132
Smith, Betty(229) 333-2123 ext.5496Director of Adult Education ServicesValdosta CampusMobile Unit 7
Smith, Clarissa(229) 333-2100 ext. 2129Administrative Assistant to Enrollment ManagementValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 306
Smith, Greta(912) 389-4303, ext. 2247Criminal Justice InstructorCoffee Campus
Smith, Roger(229) 468-2012Executive Director of Library ServiceBen Hill-Irwin Campus101A
Spikes, Donna(229) 468-2003Welcome Center AssistantBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Spriggs, Jackie(229) 333-2100 ext 3069Assistant DeanValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, 200 Wing, Rm 219
Starkey, Deborah(229) 468-2048Accounting TechnicianBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 212A
Stewart, Dr. Charles(229) 333-2100 ext. 3061Dentist InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 228 B
Stone, Megan(229) 468-2230Cosmetology InstructorCoffee Campus
Strickland, Sean(229) 333-2100 ext: 3082Area Director--Networking, Information Security, & Computer Support SpecialistValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7239
Tabor, Desi229-333-2100 ext. 3175Lead Campus Police OfficerValdosta CampusStudent Center, Security Office
Taylor, Phillip(912) 389-4303, ext. 2211Industrial Systems Technology InstructorCoffee Campus
Temple, Tabora(229) 333-2100 Ext. 3001Military & Veterans Services CoordinatorMoody Air Force Base Satellite Center, Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 106
Thacker, JonConstruction Technology InstructorHigh Schools
Thomas, Charmane(229) 333-5271WIOA Program DirectorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 112
Thomas, Shelia(229) 468-2046Director of Financial AidBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Thompson, Casey(229) 468-2210Information System CoordinatorCoffee CampusCoffee Campus, 168
Thompson, Joey(229) 333-2100 ext. 3110EMS/Paramedic Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 212
Thorpe, Anthony(229) 468-2035Testing Services SupportBen Hill-Irwin Campus132
Tillman, Bill(229) 219-1379 Director of Economic DevelopmentValdosta CampusBrooks Hall, Room 510
Tillman, Kayla(229) 468-2207Business Education InstructorCoffee CampusCoffee Hall, Room 160
Tisby, Valerie(229) 468-2000 ext. 2259Early Childhood Care & Education InstructorBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Tolson, Deeanna(229) 249-2674Executive Director of Administrative ServicesValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 327
Tomberlin, Lisa(229) 333-2100 ext: 2078Vice President for OperationsBen Hill-Irwin Campus643
Tomlinson, Kathryn(229) 259-5178Director of Circulation and ArchivesValdosta Campus7147-B
Tucker, DeeCustodianCoffee Campus
Utley, Dr. Shawn(229) 219-1294Executive Vice President for Academic AffairsBen Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , High Schools , Online, Valdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7282
Van Hook, Stevan(229) 333-2100 ext. 6494Nursing Area DirectorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 219
Veal, Rosie(912) 389-4303, ext. 3120Underage Youth InstructorCoffee CampusModule Unit J
Veuleman, Jacquelyn(229) 333-2100 ext. 5183Assistant Dean for Business Education/Arts & SciencesValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Office 7239
Vickers, Drew(229) 259-5193 ext. 3032Department Chair for Technical Education/Industrial and Electrical Systems Program CoordinatorValdosta Campus428
Vickers, Kristy(229) 468-2265Adult Education InstructorCoffee Campus
Walker, Amanda(229) 468-2242Special Populations & Disabilities CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin Campus634
Wallace, Leslie(229) 333-2107 ext. 5537Financial Aid Specialist Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 108
Walton, Charlie(229) 549-7368Lead CustodianValdosta CampusCOOK
Warmack, Michael(229) 333-2100 ext: 2113Welding InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Office 205
Warren, Roy(229) 468-2060Dean of Advisement and RetentionBen Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee CampusRoom 630B
Washington, Jennifer(229) 549-7368 ext. 7833Student Affairs CoordinatorCook Campus Cook
Watford, MarkMath InstructorCook Campus , High Schools
Watkins, Alison(229) 333-2100 ext 3052Area Director--Business Technology, Accounting, and Education ServicesValdosta CampusLowndes Hall Rm 7262
Watson, Katy(229) 333-2100, ext. 3077Allied Health Core & Phlebotomy Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 212
Watson, Scott(229) 468-2212Air Conditioning Program CoordinatorCoffee Campus144
Watts, Kerry(229) 249-2662Environmental Horticulture Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 200
Wells, Andrew(229) 333-2100 ext. 6240Information Technology Support SpecialistValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 125
West, Nicole(229) 249-4836Student NavigatorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7289A
Wetherington, Kelley229-333-2100 ext. 1237Campus Life CoordinatorValdosta CampusStudent Center
White, Melisa(229) 468-2223Student Success/Testing Specialist Coffee CampusCoffee Hall, Room 113
White, Starla(229) 333-2100 ext. 2666Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, 7071A
Whitesell, Erin(229) 333-2100 ext. 3071Radiology Technology Clinical CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, room 216
Whitson, Mark(229) 333-2114 ext. 3036Automotive Collision Repair Program CoordinatorValdosta Campus204
Wiesner, Jack(229) 333-2100, ext. 3094Economics InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7245B
Wiggins, Kenya(229) 245-6581Sociology InstructorHigh Schools , Valdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7425A
Wilbanks, Dr. Jammie(229) 333-2117Dean of Advisement and RetentionValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 100
Wilcox, Lacey(229) 293-6240Network AdministratorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 125
Wilcox, Tabitha229-333-2104 ext, 3026Cosmetology Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 366
Wilkerson, Gerald(229) 333-2100 ext 3102Optical Technology Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusMU #6
Wilkes, Brandy(229) 468-2228Associate Vice President for Academic AffairsCoffee Campus174
Wilkes, Brandy C.(229) 333-2100 ext. 3085Criminal Justice InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 332
Williams, Joyce(229) 259-5118Lead CustodianValdosta Campus600
Williams, Michael(229) 468-2092Department Chair for Arts & Sciences/English Instructor Ben Hill-Irwin Campus8210
Williamson, Amy(229) 468-2000, Ext. 2047Allied Health Core & Phlebotomy InstructorBen Hill-Irwin Campus8106
Wills, HunterCulinary Arts InstructorValdosta CampusBrooks Hall, Room 536
Wilson, Chynna(229) 333-2100Culinary Arts InstructorValdosta Campus
Wilson, Linda229-259-5118CustodianValdosta Campus600
Wims, KrystalTesting Services SupportValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 109
Woodall, Yolanda(229) 333-5356, ext. 3015Human Resources CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin CampusCharles Harris Learning Center, Room 625
Woodward, Sandi(229) 333-2100 ext 5533Director of Dental ProgramsValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, 200 Wing, Rm 220
Worley, Carissa(229) 293-6240Systems AdministratorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 125
Wright, Debbie(229) 333-5356Human Resources AssistantValdosta CampusBrooks Hall, Room 548
Wynn, Keren(229) 333-2103Vice President for Administrative ServicesValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 325
Young, Adrienne(229) 468-2039Practical Nursing InstructorBen Hill-Irwin CampusIrwin Hall, Room 8202 H
Young, Angie(229) 468-2025Accounting CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin Campus209
Zackery, Kayla(229) 333-2100 ext. 2465Advising & Retention Center SpecialistValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 104A