ALLIED HEALTH, PROGRAMS OFFICE(229) 333-2100 ext 3086Ben Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, 200 Wing, Rm 213
ARTS & SCIENCES, PROGRAMS OFFICE(229) 333-2100 ext 6110Ben Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , Valdosta CampusLowndes Hall, 300 Wing, Rm
BUSINESS EDUCATION, PROGRAMS OFFICE(229) 333-2100 ext 5183Ben Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , Valdosta CampusLowndes Hall
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES , PROGRAMS OFFICE(229) 468-2004Ben Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , Valdosta Campus
TECHNICAL & INDUSTRIAL, PROGRAMS OFFICE(229) 333-2100 ext 5557Ben Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, 200 Wing, Rm.
Acree, Cheryl(229) 333-2126Executive Assistant to the PresidentValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7278
Adult Education, Program (229) 549-7368 ext 7839Cook CampusCook Campus
Agyubeng-Dadzie, FiifiBiology InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7245A
Alexander, Sonya(229) 468-2024Financial Aid CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 623
Alexxandar, Adann-Kennn(229) 333-2123 ext 1233Adult Education InstructorValdosta CampusMobile Unit 7
Allmond, Timothy(912) 389-4303 ext. 2241Campus Police ChiefCoffee CampusRoom 114
Anderson, Dr. Tina K.229-333-2119PresidentValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7279
Ard, GaryMaintenance TechnicianValdosta Campus
Auto Collision, Repair(229) 333-2114 Valdosta CampusValdosta Campus
Automotive, Repair(229) 468-2050Ben Hill-Irwin CampusBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 312
Automotive, Repair(229) 333-2114, ext 3042Valdosta CampusValdosta Campus
Baggett, Blondeen(229) 468-2220Admissions SpecialistCoffee CampusRoom 102
Baggett, Rodney(912) 389-4303 ext. 2256Commercial Truck Driving InstructorValdosta CampusCommercial Truck Driving Mobile Unit
Bailey, Dynesha(229) 333-2105 ext.2142Student Affairs AssistantValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 301
Barnes, Christopher(229) 468-2000CustodianBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Barnett, Frank(229) 333-2100 ext 5581Pharmacy Technology Program Coordinator and Exposure Control CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 217
Bassett, Andrea(229) 468-2087Financial Aid CoordinatorCoffee CampusRoom 107
Bedford, Lisa(229) 468-2081Payroll Services CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 212B
Bennett, Patrice(229) 468-2226Library & Media Services CoordinatorCoffee CampusRoom 180
Biggers, Jean(229) 468-2065Admissions SpecialistBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Bilger, Steve(229) 333-2115 ext.3042Automotive Technology Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 127
Blitch, Gail(229) 333-2100 ext. 3059Dental Hygiene InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall
Bookstore, The(229) 468-2020Ben Hill-IrwinBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 220
Bookstore, The(229) 468-2227Coffee CampusCoffee CampusRoom 121
Bookstore, The(229) 549-7368Cook CampusCook Campus Front Office
Bookstore, The(229) 333-5392Valdosta CampusValdosta CampusRoom 354
Bowen, Lynn(229) 333-2100 ext.5185Dean of Academic Affairs - Arts & Sciences and Business EducationValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7244
Bramley, Roy(229) 333-2100 ext. 3037Auto Collision Repair InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 204
Braswell, Brittany(912) 389-4303 ext. 3071Criminal Justice InstructorCoffee Campus, High Schools
Brinson, Rachel(229) 333-2100WIA Case ManagerValdosta Campus
Brogdon, Jarrod(229) 293-6240 ext 1240Chief Information OfficerValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 117
Brown, Heather(229) 468-2283Financial Aid TechnicianCoffee CampusCoffee Hall, Room 103
Brown, Paulette(229) 468-2208Advisement & Retention Center SpecialistCoffee CampusOffice 176
Brownlee, Kiva(229) 468-2273Adult Education InstructorBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 403
Bruce, Cecelia(229) 333-2100 ext. 2664Medical Assisting Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 215
Butts, Roy(229) 259-5118GroundskeeperValdosta CampusMaintenance Building, Room 600
Byers, Jonathan(229) 219-1238Instructor, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 132
Cardwell, Dorisanne(229) 259-5177Library AssistantValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7174A
Caringola, Shelly(229) 333-2100 ext 2236Computer Information Systems InstructorBen Hill-Irwin CampusBldg 800
Carlton, Cabot(229) 468-2075Welding and Joining Program CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin CampusWelding Building, Room 902
Carney, Donna(229) 333-2100 ext. 3089Student Success CounselorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 109
Carroll, Sherry(229) 468-2030Psychology InstructorCoffee Campus628D
Carter, Nyeasha(229) 333-2100 ext. 3005Admissions TechnicianValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 302H
Clayton, Kaye(229) 468-2000 ext. 2017WIOA Program CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 617
Clements, DeAnnia(229) 468-2031Dean for Academic Affairs - Allied HealthBen Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , Valdosta CampusVLD Berrien Hall 213B OR BHI Irwin Hall 8102A
Clemons, Joy(229) 333-2100 ext.3027Cosmetology InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 366
Cobb, Christy(229) 468-2218Director of Economic DevelopmentBen Hill-Irwin CampusCHLC, Room 635A
Collier, William "Toby"(229) 468-2071Telecommunications InstructorBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 2071
Conley, Tiffany(229) 333-2100 ext. 3053English InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7245A
Corbitt, Kevin(229) 468-2000, ext. 7829Criminal Justice InstructorBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 317
Cosmetic Esthetics, Services(229) 249-2739Valdosta CampusValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7118-B
Cosmetology, Appointments(229) 468-2100Ben Hill-Irwin CampusBen Hill-Irwin Campus105
Cosmetology, Appointments(229) 468-2232Coffee CampusCoffee CampusModular D
Cosmetology, Appointments(229) 549-7644Cook CampusCook Campus Rooms 101-102
Cosmetology, Appointments(229) 333-2104Valdosta CampusValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 368
Courson, Susan(229) 333-2100 ext.3011Student Success CounselorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 109
Cox, Sabrina(229) 468-2022Director of Distance EducationCoffee Campus, OnlineCoffee Hall, Room 145; Ben Hill, Room 8102C
Cox-Carter, Dorothy(229) 333-2100 ext 3860Surgical Technology Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Rm 218
Crance, Angela(229) 333-2124Special Assistant to the PresidentValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 322
Cunningham, Dan229-219-1238CEO, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 130B
Cunningham, Monica(229) 219-1238Director of Admissions, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 128B
Daniel, KateTesting Services SupportCoffee CampusRoom 116
Davis, Denese(229) 333-2100 ext 3068Area Director--Health & Management ProfessionsValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7264
Davis, Elizabeth(229) 468-2000CustodianBen Hill-Irwin CampusMaintenance Building
Davis, Jesse(229) 468-2050Automotive Technology Program CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 309
Davis, Joe(229) 245-6452Air Conditioning Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 203
Davis, Mary(229) 333-2100 ext. 3065Practical Nursing InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 219
Davis, Raymond(229) 259-5118CustodianValdosta CampusMaintenance Building, Room 600
Day, Bethany(229) 468-2020Bookstore SpecialistBen Hill-Irwin Campus220
Day, Daphne(229) 468-2000 ext. 2009Allied Health Core/Phlebotomy InstructorBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 8108
Dental Clinic, Hygiene Services(229) 245-3716Valdosta CampusValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Wing 200
Dix, Michelle(229) 468-2000 ext 4115Accounts Payable SpecialistBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 212A
Donar, LaToya(229) 259-5118CustodianValdosta CampusMaintenance Building, Room 600
Dopson, Johnnie(912) 389-4303CustodianCoffee CampusCoffee Hall
Dorminey, Sally(229) 245-2462Executive Director of Distance EducationOnline, Valdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7131
Drexler, Julie(229) 333-2100 ext. 3002Assistant RegistrarValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 110
Drexler, Tim(229) 333-2100 ext. 3049Area Director--Gaming/Programming, Video & Digital TechnologiesValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7253
Dukes, Marsha(229) 333-2100 ext 3047Director, Center of ExcellenceValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 348
Durkovic, Nelda(229) 468-2032RegistrarBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 628 A
Edwards, Deanna(229) 468-2004Business Education InstructorBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 8208
Edwards, Felishia(229) 247-2012Tower Instructor, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 132
Ellenberg, Joy(229) 333-2100 ext. 1367Testing Services SupportValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 105
Ellis, Dr. Charles(229) 333-2100 ext. 2463English and Humanities InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7239
Feagle, Tom(229) 333-2100 ext. 2603Dean of Technical & IndustrialBen Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 408
Fisher, John(229) 219-1238Executive VP, Business Development, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 132
Fletcher, Andrea(229) 468-2049High School Services CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin Campus, High Schools Room 628C
Fletcher, Michael(229) 333-2100 ext.3075Director of FacilitiesValdosta CampusMaintenance Building, Room 600
Floyd, Deidra(229) 468-2266Practical Nursing InstructorCoffee CampusCoffee Hall, Room 130
Foskey, Alyssa(229) 333-2100 ext.6109Business Management Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7247
Foster, Charles(229) 247-2012Tower Instructor, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 132
Frailey, Margaret(229) 333-2100 ext. 3060Dental Hygiene Clinical InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 220
Gallagher, Rebecca(229) 333-2100 ext.3033DMPT Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7114
Garcia, Juan(229) 333-2100, ext. 2036Criminal Justice InstructorCook Campus , High Schools
Garner, Mary Ann(229) 468-2018WebmasterBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 640
Gay, Roxane(229) 468-2023Operations SpecialistBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 640
Gelatt, Linda(229) 468-2209Business Administrative Technology InstructorCoffee Campus167
George, Chris(912) 389-4303 ext. 2261 Lead Maintenance Technician Coffee CampusCoffee Campus
Giddens, Talarie(229) 333-2100 ext. 3025Esthetics Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7117
Goodson, Jim(229) 333-7965Department Chair for Professional Services/Fire Science Technology Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 413
Grant, Angela(229) 333-2100 ext. 5535Business Education InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7240
Gray, Shameeka(229) 333-2100Patient Care Assisting & Core InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall
Greene, Holly(229) 549-7368 ext. 7830Associate Vice President for OperationsCook Campus COOK
Greenway, Lidell(229) 468-2240Vice President for Economic DevelopmentCoffee Campus, Valdosta CampusCoffee Hall, Room 132 OR Valdosta Campus, Brooks H
Greinke, Traci(229) 333-2100 ext:1394Admissions TechnicanValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Office 302H
Griffin, Obrin229-333-2100 ext, 3031Electrical Systems Technology Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 428
Griffis, Martha(229) 333-2100 ext. 2663Licensed Practical Nursing InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 221A
Groover, Tammy(229) 333-2100 ext 3066Practical Nursing InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 223
Harrell, Randy(912) 389-4303 ext: 2246Math InstructorCoffee CampusCoffee Campus, Office 167
Harrison, Vonda229-333-2100 ext. 5183Department Assistant for Business EducationValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7239
Haskin, Debbie(229) 333-5271 ext. 3003WIOA Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 100C
Hayes, Mary(229) 549-7368 ext. 7831Campus Operations SpecialistCook Campus COOK
Heard, TobyAutomotive Repair Technology InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 127
Henderson, Kristy(229) 468-2044Area Director--Professional ServicesBen Hill-Irwin Campus117
Hendrix, Jordan(912) 389-4303 ext. 2215Medical Assisting InstructorCoffee CampusRoom 129A
Herring, Paula(229) 333-2109Financial Aid CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 108
Hickman, Jackie(229) 293-6261 ext. 3086Allied Health Department AssistantValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 213
Hill, Evelina229-333-2100Welcome Center AssistantValdosta CampusBerrien Hall
Hobby, Angela(229) 333-5365Vice President for Enrollment ManagementBen Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , High Schools , Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 302D
Hodges, AmyBusiness Education InstructorHigh Schools
Holbrook, Liane(229) 333-2100 ext 3081Area Director--Social & Physical SciencesValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7245A
Honeycutt, Victoria(229) 333-2100 ext 6110Business Education InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7242
Hood, Perry(229) 468-2037Computer Information Systems InstructorBen Hill-Irwin Campus8212
Horton, Dalphne229-293-6190 Department Assistant Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 320
Howard, Kimala(229) 333-2100 ext. 1368Career Services SpecialistValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 100B
Howell, Ginny(229) 333-2100 ext. 3048Accounting Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7265
Hubert, Lydia(229) 245-2460Director of Marketing and Public RelationsBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 637
Hutcheson, Karen(229) 333-2100 ext: 3029Cosmetology InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Office 366
Ingra, Leigh(229) 549-7368 ext 7834Cosmetology InstructorCook Campus Room 101
Jackson, Alice(229) 468-2245Patient Care Assisting Program CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin Campus8106
Jaramillo, Brooke(229) 333-2100 ext. 6163Director of RecruitmentHigh Schools , Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 316
Johnson, Brenda(229) 333-2100 ext 3059Dental Clinic Office ManagerValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, 200 Wing, Rm 220
Johnson, Robert229-468-2000Lead CustodianBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Johnson-Smith, Clarissa(229) 333-2100 ext. 2129Administrative Assistant to Enrollment ManagementValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 306
Kelly, Dr. Bonnie(229) 468-2091Executive Director for Institutional Effectiveness Ben Hill-Irwin Campus630B
Kilitzian, Stacy(229) 333-2118Accounting Specialist Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 328
Kirkley, AshleyBiology InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7245A
Lamon, April(229) 333-2100 ext 3067Director of Clinical AffiliationsValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 213D
Leavy, Amanda(229) 249-2670Evaluation CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 110
Leeman, Cathy(229) 468-2000 ext. 2093English InstructorBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Leverett, Angela(229) 468-2079Assistant to the RegistrarBen Hill-Irwin Campus628 B
Library, The(229) 468-2012Ben Hill-Irwin CampusBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 101
Library, The(229) 468-2226Coffee CampusCoffee CampusRoom 180
Library, The(229) 549-7368 ext 7941Cook CountyCook Campus Room 204
Library, The(229) 259-5177Valdosta CampusValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7147
Lightsey, Phyllis(229) 333-2100 ext 3046Marketing Management Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall Rm 7256
Lorden, Marcia(229) 253-9571Satellite Services SpecialistMoody Air Force Base Satellite CenterMoody Campus, Building 328 Education Center
Lott, April(229) 468-2232Cosmetology Program CoordinatorCoffee Campus
Lott, Kayla(912) 389-4303, ext. 2227Bookstore TechnicianCoffee Campus
Loveless, Jessica(229) 333-2100 ext:3058Admissions TechnicianValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Rm 302B
Lovett, Lawton(229) 468-2072Director of FacilitiesBen Hill-Irwin Campus630B
Loving, Dr. Chassitty(229) 333-2100 ext: 5001Biology Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Office 201 H
Lusk, Luther229-259-5118 CustodianValdosta CampusMaintenance Building 600
Mahaffey, Mickey229-219-1238Executive VP, Training, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 132
Marchessault, Jill(229) 333-2107 ext.3008Financial Aid TechnicianValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 108
Martin, Rosemary(229) 333-2100 ext. 2676Associate of Science Nursing InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 120
Mason, Don(229) 333-2100 ext. 2661Math InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7260
Mason, Rene(229) 333-2100 Strategic Planning SpecialistValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7275
Mays, Angelia(229) 468-2043BANNER Accounts Receivable Specialist Ben Hill-Irwin Campus203A
McCall, Steven(229) 468-2000 ext. 2007History InstructorBen Hill-Irwin Campus8118A
McDuffie, April(229) 468-2103, ext 4103Associate Vice President for Adult EducationBen Hill-Irwin Campus643
McMillan, Kim(229) 333-2100 ext. 3044Food Services SupervisorValdosta CampusSTUDENT CENTER
Merritt, Brandi(229) 468-2222Admissions TechnicianCoffee CampusCoffee Campus, Room 109
Miller, Deirdra(229) 333-2100 ext. 3117Transition SpecialistValdosta CampusMobile Unit 7
Mims, Ombre(229) 333-2100 ext. 3045Early Childhood Care & Education InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7161
Mitchell, Nancy(229) 468-2074Continuing Education SpecialistBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 635D
Mobley, Shamonti(229) 333-2100 ext. 1246High School Services SpecialistHigh Schools , Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 310
Moody, Thomas(229) 468-2000 ext. 2056Industrial Systems Technology Program CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin CampusBen Hill Hall, Room 408
Moore, Martiez(229) 333-2100 ext. 2116Admissions CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 302B
Musgrove, Stacey(229) 549-7368 ext 3101Patient Care Assisting InstructorCook Campus , High Schools
Mylin, Linda(229) 333-2123 ext. 3118Department Assistant for Adult Education ServicesValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 116
Nagy, Al229-219-1238Director of Training and Simulation, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 126A
Nash, Dora(229) 333-2100 ext. 2041Practical Nursing InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 211A
Nolan, Kim(229) 468-2262Adult Education InstructorCoffee Campus
Norman, Donna(229) 468-2084Mathematics InstructorBen Hill-Irwin Campus8206
O'Meara, Dr. Ronald(229) 333-2100 ext 2111Vice President for Research & Strategic InitiativesValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Rm 7290A
O'Neal, Pam(229) 333-5392 ext. 3022Bookstore CoordinatorValdosta Campus354
Ogletree, Kathryn229-333-2100 ext. 3016Curriculum CoordinatorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7289B
Pack, Katherine(229) 333-2100 ext. 1230Area Director--English, Math, Humanities, & Foreign LanguagesValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7239
Palombo, Nicholas(229) 333-2100 ext. 3030English InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7240
Parrish, Debra229-259-5118CustodianValdosta Campus600
Paulk, Christine(229) 468-2229Practical Nursing InstructorCoffee CampusRoom 130
Paulk, Mona(229) 468-2102Executive Director for AdvancementBen Hill-Irwin Campus635A
Paulk, Sequoia(912) 389-4303, ext. 2233Welcome Center AssistantCoffee Campus
Payton, Alvin(229) 333-2125Vice President for Community Affairs & Minority RecruitmentValdosta CampusBrooks Hall, Room 541
Peeples, MichaelMaintenance SpecialistValdosta Campus
Pippin, Mary Donna(229) 293-6377 ext. 3035Press OperatorValdosta Campus7111-A
Plos, Wayne(229) 249-2671Machine Tool Technology Program CoordinatorValdosta Campus122
Pollock, Shannon(229) 333-2110Dean of Student AffairsValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Rm 303
Ponder, Mark(229) 259-5541EMS/Paramedicine InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 210A
Ponsell, Tommy(912) 383-0339 ext. 2254Commercial Truck Driving Program CoordinatorCoffee Campus
Prescott, Stacey(229) 259-5180High School Services CoordinatorHigh Schools , Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 312
Presley, Yolanda(229) 468-2234Registrar Office AssistantCoffee CampusCoffee Campus, Room 105
Printing, Design Services(229) 293-6377Valdosta CampusValdosta CampusLowndes Hall
Rago, Jim(229) 249-2672Director of PurchasingValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 326
Ranson, Susan(229) 468-2008Career Services CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus217/113
Rasmussen, Jannett "Rainy"(229) 333-2100 ext:3079Commercial Truck Driving InstructorValdosta CampusCTD Mobile Unit 3
Ray, Jennifer(229) 245-2461Radiology Clinical CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Office 216
Ray, Julia(229) 468-2272Department Assistant for Adult Education ServicesBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 400B
Reaves, Paula(229) 468-2000 ext. 2045Practical Nursing InstructorBen Hill-Irwin CampusIrwin Hall, Room 8202 I
Rewis, Wally(229) 333-2113Area Director--Technical & IndustrialValdosta Campus205
Richardson, Jason(229) 333-2100 ext. 3007Speech InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7245C
Ridley, Darlene(229) 333-2100 ext. 3084Director of NursingValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 120
Riley, Diann(229) 333-2100 ext 3073Patient Care Assisting CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, 200 Wing, Rm 213
Riojas, RoyCustodianBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Rivera, Patsy(912) 389-4303, ext. 2247Criminal Justice InstructorCoffee CampusCoffee Campus, Modular C
Roberson, Mattie(229) 333-2122 ext. 3018Economic Development AssistantValdosta CampusBrooks Hall, Room 512
Roberts, William(229) 259-5118CustodianValdosta Campus600
Robinson, Shameca(229) 333-2100 ext. 3004WIOA Program SpecialistValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 100C
Ross, Paula(229) 333-2100 ext 3064Dental Assisting Clinical InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, 200 Wing, Rm 220
Rowntree, Jessie(229) 333-2100 ext. 1381Testing Services SupportValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 105
Royal, Katrina(229) 333-2100 ext. 1236Testing & Special Populations CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 105
Royals, John(229) 333-2115 ext.3043Automotive Technology InstructorValdosta Campus127
Rutkowski, April229-219-1238Recruiter, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 132
Sanders, Shalonda(229) 333-5356Executive Director for Human ResourcesValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 112
Sands-Anderson, Cherlyn(229) 333-2123Adult Education InstructorValdosta CampusEAST
Schmidt, Dr. Penelope(229) 293-6190Executive Director of Advancement & Resource DevelopmentValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 329
Seabolt, Michael(229) 468-2211Department Chair for Technical Education/Industrial and Electrical Systems Program CoordinatorCoffee Campus139/140
Security, Campus(229) 468-2034Ben Hill-IrwinBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 217
Security, Campus(229) 549-7368Cook CampusCook Campus Room 103
Shallenberger, Nancy(229) 259-5118Lead GroundskeeperValdosta Campus600
Sharpe, Dorothy(229) 549-7644 ext. 7834Cosmetology InstructorValdosta CampusCOOK
Shealy, Danya(229) 549-7368 ext. 7835Business Administrative Technology InstructorCook Campus Cook Campus
Shelton, Charles(229) 333-2100 ext. 5002Biology InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 201 H
Sims, Ronshekua(229) 333-2100 ext. 5557Department Assistant for Academic AffairsValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 408
Sirmans, Rosemary(229) 333-2100 ext: 5367Marketing SpecialistValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Office 311
Sirmans, Tarnishia(229) 333-2100 ext. 3087A.S.N. InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 120
Smith, Arthur229-247-2012Tower Instructor, Air Traffic ControlValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 132
Smith, Betty(229) 333-2123 ext.5496Director of Adult Education ServicesValdosta CampusMobile Unit 7
Smith, Roger(229) 468-2012Executive Director of Library ServiceBen Hill-Irwin Campus101A
Spikes, Donna(229) 468-2003Welcome Center AssistantBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Spriggs, Jackie(229) 333-2100 ext 3069Assistant DeanValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, 200 Wing, Rm 219
Starkey, Deborah(229) 468-2048Accounting TechnicianBen Hill-Irwin CampusRoom 212A
Stewart, Dr. Charles(229) 333-2100 ext. 3061Dentist InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 228 B
Stone, Deborah(229) 333-2100 ext. 3083CIS Programming InstructorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall
Strickland, Sean(229) 333-2100 ext: 3082Area Director--Networking, Information Security, & Computer Support SpecialistValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7239
Tabor, Desi229-333-2100 ext. 3175Lead Campus Police OfficerValdosta CampusStudent Center, Security Office
Taft, Kyle(229) 468-2057Early Childhood Care & Education Program CoordinatorCoffee CampusCoffee Campus
Temple, Tabora(229) 333-2100 Ext. 3001Military & Veterans Services CoordinatorMoody Air Force Base Satellite Center, Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 106
Thomas, Shelia(229) 468-2046Director of Financial AidBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Thompson, Casey(229) 468-2210Information System CoordinatorCoffee CampusCoffee Campus, 168
Thompson, Joey(229) 333-2100 ext. 3110EMS/Paramedic Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 212
Tillman, Bill(229) 219-1379 Director of Economic DevelopmentValdosta CampusBrooks Hall, Room 510
Tillman, Kayla(229) 468-2207Business Education InstructorCoffee CampusCoffee Hall, Room 160
Tisby, Valerie(229) 468-2000 ext. 2259Early Childhood Care & Education InstructorBen Hill-Irwin Campus
Tolson, Deeanna(229) 249-2674Director of Accounting & FinanceValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 327
Tomberlin, Lisa(229) 333-2100 ext: 2078Vice President for OperationsValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, 7290
Tomlinson, Kathryn(229) 259-5178Director of Circulation and ArchivesValdosta Campus7147-B
Tucker, DeeCustodianCoffee Campus
Utley, Dr. Shawn(229) 219-1294Executive Vice President for Academic AffairsBen Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee Campus, Cook Campus , High Schools , Online, Valdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7282
Van Hook, Richard229-333-2100 ext. 2128Culinary Arts Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBrooks Hall, Room 535
Van Hook, StevanNursing & Allied Health Core InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 219
Veuleman, Jacquelyn(229) 333-2100 ext. 5183Assistant Dean for Business Education/Arts & SciencesValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Office 7239
Vickers, Drew(229) 259-5193 ext. 3032Department Chair for Technical Education/Industrial and Electrical Systems Program CoordinatorValdosta Campus428
Walker, Amanda(229) 468-2242Special Populations & Disabilities CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin Campus634
Wallace, Leslie(229) 333-2107 ext. 5537Financial Aid Specialist Valdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 108
Walton, Charlie(229) 549-7368Lead CustodianValdosta CampusCOOK
Warmack, Michael(229) 333-2100 ext: 2113Welding InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Office 205
Warren, Roy(229) 468-2060Dean of Advisement and RetentionBen Hill-Irwin Campus, Coffee CampusRoom 630B
Washington, Jennifer(229) 549-7368 ext. 7833Student Affairs CoordinatorCook Campus Cook
Watkins, Alison(229) 333-2100 ext 3052Area Director--Business Technology, Accounting, and Education ServicesValdosta CampusLowndes Hall Rm 7262
Watson, Scott(229) 468-2212Air Conditioning Program CoordinatorCoffee Campus144
Watts, Kerry(229) 249-2662Environmental Horticulture Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 200
Webb, KennyMaintenance TechnicianBen Hill-Irwin Campus
West, Nicole(229) 249-4836Student NavigatorValdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7289A
Westbrook, Kristin(229) 468-2221Advising & Retention Center SpecialistBen Hill-Irwin Campus630C
Wetherington, Kelley229-333-2100 ext. 1237Student Activities CoordinatorValdosta CampusStudent Center
White, Melisa(229) 468-2223Student Success/Testing Specialist Coffee CampusCoffee Hall, Room 113
Whitson, Mark(229) 333-2114 ext. 3036Automotive Collision Repair Program CoordinatorValdosta Campus204
Wiggins, Kenya(229) 245-6581Sociology InstructorHigh Schools , Valdosta CampusLowndes Hall, Room 7425A
Wilbanks, Dr. Jammie(229) 333-2117Dean of Advisement and RetentionValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 408
Wilcox, Lacey(229) 293-6240Network AdministratorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 125
Wilcox, Tabitha229-333-2104 ext, 3026Cosmetology Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 366
Wilkerson, Gerald(229) 333-2100 ext 3102Optical Technology Program CoordinatorValdosta CampusMU #6
Wilkes, Brandy(229) 468-2228Associate Vice President for OperationsCoffee Campus174
Wilkes, Brandy C.(229) 333-2100Criminal Justice InstructorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 332
Williams, Joyce(229) 259-5118Lead CustodianValdosta Campus600
Williams, Michael(229) 468-2092Department Chair for Arts & Sciences/English Instructor Ben Hill-Irwin Campus8210
Williams, Whitney(229) 333-2100 ext 2465Advisement & Retention Center SpecialistValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 100
Wilson, Chynna(229) 333-2100Culinary Arts InstructorValdosta Campus
Wilson, Jerry(229) 259-5118Lead CustodianValdosta Campus600
Wilson, LaTonya(912) 389-4303Patient Care Assisting InstructorCoffee CampusCoffee Campus
Wilson, Linda229-259-5118CustodianValdosta Campus600
Wims, KrystalTesting Services SupportValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 109
Woodall, Yolanda(229) 333-5356, ext. 3015Human Resources CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin CampusCharles Harris Learning Center, Room 625
Woodward, Sandi(229) 333-2100 ext 5533Director of Dental ProgramsValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, 200 Wing, Rm 220
Worley, Carissa(229) 293-6240Systems AdministratorValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 125
Wright, Debbie(229) 333-5356Human Resources AssistantValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 114
Wynn, Keren(229) 333-2103Vice President for Administrative ServicesValdosta CampusBerrien Hall, Room 325
Young, Adrienne(229) 468-2039Practical Nursing InstructorBen Hill-Irwin CampusIrwin Hall, Room 8202 H
Young, Angie(229) 468-2025Accounting CoordinatorBen Hill-Irwin Campus209