Phishing Email Warning

Please be advised that many illegitimate email messages are sent to WGTC account holders with variations of the Subject line: Re-Activate Your Account. These phishing schemes are attempts to steal your personal information through legitimate-looking email messages. The messages urge recipients to reply by email and include their password and other personal information.  

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College will NEVER request your personal information , including any passwords, over email.

Q: How do I recognize phishing email ?

When you receive questionable email, be sure to examine the email header and the Reply-to address. Most of the phishing email that WGTC account holders receive is sent from commercial email addresses, such as

Q: What do I do if I have already responded to a phishing email?

If you have responded to a phishing scheme by submitting your personal information or your password, you should immidiately logon and change your password. If you are not able to change your password, please contact the IT department at or call 229-293-6240 as soon as possible.

Q: What about links in the suspicious email messages?

You should beware of clicking links in suspicious email messages, since links may direct you to illegitimate websites. You might receive an email requesting that you use an embedded link to verify your password. The embedded link could leed to a fraudulent BanWeb login page.


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