Students participate in the rebranding of the
Lowndes County Partnership for Health

January 11, 2013

Wiregrass students participating in design contest
Wiregrass Provost Lisa Tomberlin; student Ambre Hunt; student Bethany Bradley; Executive Director of the SGPH John Sparks; student Castillo Bouie; student Catherine Causey

Valdosta, GA— The Lowndes County Partnership for Health is in the process of changing its name to South Georgia Partnership for Health and with that change comes the need for a new logo. Executive Director John Sparks and the committee working on the rebranding reached out to Wiregrass Design and Media Production program to see if students across the campuses would participate in a design contest to create a new logo reflecting the name change.

A contest was held throughout the student body to produce the re-branding concept. The students were commissioned to review information about the Partnership through its website and then to produce their design including an explanation of their choices. The winning designs were not chosen to be the actual logo for South Georgia Partnership for Health but instead, aspects of each will be used in the development of the final logo. The contest gave the Partnership for Health board concepts to work from in their re-branding efforts.

The following students were recognized for their winning designs; first place went to Catherine Causey for her design that incorporated a tree concept; second place went to Castillo Bouie for his use of a clean font; third place went to Ambre Hunt for her use of font and colors; and fourth place went to Bethany Bradley for the visualization of a Partnership emblem. Each student was awarded a cash prize from the South Georgia Partnership for Health.