Wiregrass Works with Communities to Raise Awareness about Literacy

September 20, 2013

Valdosta, GA - National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week is September 23 through 29 and Wiregrass Georgia Technical College would like to encourage others to spread the word about literacy rates and adult education programs in their communities. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College’s Adult Education Programs and the Certified Literate Community Program (CLCP) work together with communities in eleven counties in South Georgia to increase the opportunities for adults to earn a GED, provide resources for family literacy programs, and increase access to adult education programs.

The Wiregrass Adult Education staff along with community volunteers through CLCP will be hosting events in dozens of communities during Literacy Week to raise awareness both of the staggering statistics associated with literacy rates, and programs available in each community to decrease these statistics.

Results of the 2000 Census indicate that 21.4% or over 1 million Georgia residents 25 and older do not have a high school diploma. Approximately 40% of that 21.4%, or 393,000 adults, have less than a ninth grade education. A U.S. Department of Labor study revealed literacy problems in the southeast cost employers nearly $57.2 billion annually and in Georgia that study found low literacy skills in the workplace are costing employers 2.1 billion annually. Here are the local results in the 11 counties Wiregrass serves;

County in Wiregrass Service Area Estimated Adults 25 or older without high school or GED credential Percentage of Population
Atkinson 1,528 33%
Ben Hill 3,469 31%
Berrien 3,514 31%
Brooks 2,156 21%
Coffee 6,669 27%
Cook 2,864 27%
Echols 864 23%
Irwin 2,616 39%
Lanier 1,276 26%
Lowndes 9,864 16%
Wilcox 1,810 30%

To find out how you can help your community provide literacy programs or services, or for more information on literacy in your community call 229-468-2207 for Brooks, Cook, Echols, Berrien, Lanier and Lowndes or call 229-468-2278 for Atkinson, Ben Hill, Coffee, Irwin and Wilcox. To find out about Wiregrass Adult Education Services in Lowndes County call 229-333-2123.