Wiregrass announces spring graduates

June 3, 2013

Andrew and Dale Wells
Andres Wells, computer programming graduate, stands with his father Dale, business management graduate, prior to the ceremony.

Valdosta, GA - Wiregrass Georgia Technical College honored more 300 graduates during the Spring Commencement Ceremony. 100 associate degrees, 158 diplomas, and 92 technical certificates of credit were awarded during the ceremony. Graduations are always an exciting time as family members come out to honor and congratulate those who have worked so hard to accomplish their educational goals and this ceremony was no exception. Dale Wells has been the proud father to Andrew Wells all his life and never thought he would be sharing the stage at graduation with his son. Dale completed the diploma program in Business Management and is now working towards his associate degree. Dale’s son Andrew graduated with his associate degree in computer programming, and was given the honor of presenting the graduation address to his fellow graduates. Father and son have attended Wiregrass simultaneously for the past year and a half, even taking a financial accounting course together. While a parent often understands the way a child thinks and learns children rarely get the chance to understand the same things about their parents. “We learned the same material, but at a different pace and in our own ways,” stated Andrew. “Attending college with my dad gave me a little bit more understanding of how he solves problems.”

Wiregrass is proud to announce the Spring 2013 graduates listed by city: (Adel) Selena D. Carter, Brianna L. Edwards, Amanda B. Gurien, Brittany C. Hanson, April R. Hardy, Susan D. Hodges, Gertrude Hooks, Stephanie R. McCall, Micheal T. Royal, Briana R. Stephens; (Alapaha) Sheila A. Fleming; (Ambrose) Tanisha N. Manning, Roberto Martinez, Layla N. Tinajero, Courtney D. Wright; (Axson) John C. Dawson, Christopher L. George; (Baxley) Yashia Vann; (Broxton) Brandy Burke, Michael J. Dasko, Melissa A. Kight, Joseph McRae, John Rozar; (Cecil) Felicia A. Linton; (Cordele) Brittany A. Calhoun, Marqurion M. Walker; (Douglas) Brian M. Bell, Jeremy D. Brinson, Tiffany R. Butler, Sheila Carver, Dwayne A. Clark, Latrina C. Cope, Cheryl D. Cunningham, Jasmine L. Denning, Rebecca L. Flanders, Debra L. Hayes, Kelsie L. Kirkland, Thomas Kirkland, Che'Rette M. Landers, Jacqueline Lollie, George T. McIver, Morningstar Morrison, Asia K. Moses, Allen T. Mullis, Erin C. Newell, Samone C. Patrick, Yolanda Y. Presley, Kelsie D. Roberson, Tonya L. Spivey, Bobbie L. Stephens, Nikkisheta K. Swanson, Colon Taylor, Arabi Vickers; (Du Pont) Marlena M. Smith; (Fitzgerald) Kimberly J. Barnes, Latasha A. Bivens, Joshua A. Blanton, Heather N. Chaney, Tyre D. Ellison, Kenya K. Fuller, Tawona L. Green, Ross W. Hatcher, Daniel Hostetler, Randy H. Jackson, Kristin P. Johnson, Tina R. Jordan, Heather A. Kendall, Crystal G. Lewis, Matthew Reckley, Diane Reid, Flossie L. Sears, Kasey L. Smith, Raymon Watson; (Hahira) Holly F. Bennett, Ricky B. Bernard, Eddie J. Broome, William Browder, Billy A. Chance, Joanna D. King, Eric Mackenstein, Steven J. McLaggan, Christopher E. Merritt, Aundrea R. Pruzik, Jennifer E. Tyler, Alan T. Watson, Robert C. Whitmer, Leonard F. Wiggins, Troy R. Williams, Jessica M. Wilson, Rebecca M. Woods; (Hazelhurst) Octavia Gibbons, Jamie Jones; (Helena) Renata D. Firlotte; (Hephzibah) Evan J. Palmer; (Jesup) Sarah K. Roberts; (Lake Park) Jeremy R. Barnhart, James T. Blunt, Alfonso Trejo, Sonja S. Umberger, Kimberly J. Watson; (Lakeland) Leah C. Brady, Julie R. Coleman, Tammie L. Denmark, Jessica L. O'Connor, Melissa S. Stucker, Cynthia M. Vickers; (Lantana) Jessica R. Gibbs; (Morrow) D'Andre Anderson; (Morven) Doyle G. Dean, Illisha C. Mulvaney; (Nashville) April D. Clark, Christopher L. Horne, Michael D. Jilcott, David B. Jones, Kelsey B. McGlocklin, Sarah L. Osborne, Akshay J. Patel, William Shurtleff, Heather M. Taylor, Ryan A. Tomko; (Naylor) Emily L. Gaskins, Audrey S. Oberlander; (Nicholls) Colyn Johnson, Haeley Sharpe, Jasmine R. Tims; (Ocilla) Danielle N. Alvarado, Jimmy D. Drawdy, Lakenya S. Killebrew, Natalie Lott, Teila M. McMillan, Sade M. Webb; (Pavo) Clark L. Warner; (Pearson) Kendra D. Colson, Ashley Gurley, Shakeithia Harrell; (Pinetta) Dominique R. Irvine; (Quitman) Jodie L. Bradford, Lakayesha N. Brinson, Philip R. Copeland, Cynthia R. King, Shelley M. Kinsman, Christina M. Ruff, Wynema W. Sirmans, James D. Smith, John F. Watson, Krystal S. Wims; (Ray City) Raleigh Due, Robert Gebhardt III, Brenna L. Harris, Chrystal C. Kent, Lateshia S. King, William E. Melendez; (Rebecca) Michael P. Day; (Rochelle) Kelly W. Stephens; (Sparks) Curtis V. Brown, Larissa V. Vickers; (Statenville) Carolyn Harnage, James L. Harnage, Regina A. Parker-Drier, Ethan-Ray F. Staten; (Stockton) Ona E. Paulk; (Surrency) Benjamin C. Foster; (Thomasville) Steven K. Soltis, Katie L. Spence; (Tifton) Bernadette Dixon, Joselyn D. Johnson, Shakyra A. Mccutchen; (TyTy) Sheila A. Wilkes; (Valdosta) Jeremy A. Adams, Alberto J. Alvarez, Omega T. Anderson, Debra J. Atkins, Stephen T. Barnes, Steven B. Barnes, Jovan D. Bellamy, Kellie D. Blanton, Castillo L. Bouie, Bethany L. Bradley, Natoya Brandon, Luke Brantley, Tyler A. Cabutto, Emine Carlo, Arquisa N. Carver, Dennis J. Castleberry, Nicholas R. Chisenhall, Aaron L. Cooper, Dillon Corbett, Brittany L. Danner, Laurie A. Daub, Tabatha H. Davis, Avon F. Denson, Tony J. Dillion, Jerry G. Donaldson, Brandt M. Egerter, Kimberly M. Fay, Ronnie D. Fuller, Lindsey N. Garren, Brandon L. Garrison, Tracy M. Gary, Brandon C. Guess, Caroline K. Hines, Amanda R. Holley, Mariah S. Hunter, Edlyn B. Ilan, Joy N. Jennings, Hannah M. Johnson, Jack E. Johnson, Laura A. Johnson, Anthony L. Jones, Donald Jones, Jennifer B. Kingery, Edward J. Kuczynski, Steven D. Lucas, Joshua D. Lunger, Brian T. MacFarlane, Quintin J. Madison, Jennifer D. Mahon, Alisha A. Malm, Isaiah R. Mangham, Jasmine D. Mango, Brittany D. Martin, Katrina N. Maxwell, Kacie A. Mclean, Bonnie R. McLendon, Dennis McMullen, Dawn M. Meade, Tara Miles, Amoni T. Moore, Erika M. Moore, James W. Murray, Marquis D. Nichols, Benjamin B. Odell, Carol A. Padgett, Betty V. Palmer, Taylor A. Phillips, Regina Philpott, Asheena D. Pinder, Melvin A. Plair, Dana E. Pruitt, Haley M. Radney, Brandon Rayford, Daryl B. Rayford, Michelle D. Riley, Rebecca L. Roddey, Colin A. Rodrigues, Maria D. Rodriguez, Erica N. Sales, Latoya Shaw, Floyd A. Sikes, Elizabeth L. Silvia, Alexia Smith, Casey S. Smith, Kayla N. Stephens, Angela A. Straukas, Yesica Strickland, James R. Terrell, Eric M. Thompson, John D. Toland, Nurcan Vantree, Tyron L. Varner, Bich T. Vu, Corey A. Welch, Andrew J. Wells, Dale K. Wells, Chequita N. Williams, Matthew Willmore, Cedrick L. Wilson, Julia E. Wright, Samantha P. Wright, Phillip K. Wyatt, Gilbert G. Zipperer; (Waycross) Stephanie K. Hornsby; (Willachoochee) Juan A. Tizol; and (Wray) Veronica A. Garcia, Christy I. Roberson.

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