Online Orientation

Distance Education Blackboard Orientation

The Distance Education Blackboard Orientation will highlight some of the challenges of online learning and provide resources to be successful in the online environment. In addition, information and tutorials for Blackboard Learn, the Wiregrass learning management system, are provided. Students will engage with interactive quizzes and learning activities to practice skills and knowledge. Be sure to complete these Knowledge Check sections. They will prepare you for the final assessment. Students will complete a final assessment at the end of the orientation. Upon successful completion of the assessment (85% or above), your score will be submitted to your student account and posted to your history. Online students are required to complete the Distance Education Blackboard Orientation Assessment only ONCE; therefore, students do not have to complete each semester. However, the orientation is always available if you wish to review any of the topics. Any student may complete the orientation. Mandatory completion for students not enrolled in online courses is based on instructor discretion.

Please do not confuse this orientation with the college orientation for new students.

New Student Orientation

New students and students who are returning to Wiregrass Georgia Technical College after an absence of at least two years are required to complete an orientation for new students. The New Student Orientation explains general college information, important policies and procedures, and resources. Students are given information needed to access the Student Handbook and other documents that contain all the rules, regulations, and general information with which students should become familiar. Online students follow the same college policies and have access to all college resources such as library and tutoring services. Therefore, it is very important for all new students to attend the New Student Orientation; check the Wiregrass campus closest to you for dates and time. It is equally important for online students to complete the Distance Education Blackboard Orientation.