Campus Security

Campus security is provided on the main campuses (Ben Hill-Irwin, Coffee, Valdosta, and Cook) by the Wiregrass Georgia Technical College Police Department.  A police officer is on-duty at all times when students are present. These officers are sworn law enforcement officers of the WGTC Police Department and augmented when necessary by local law enforcement.

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College reports all violations of federal and state laws to the Wiregrass Georgia Technical College Police Department for appropriate action. Officers are dispatched to investigate all reports. Law enforcement reports that are applicable to incidents on any of the campuses are on file in the main office on the Valdosta campus.  

Reports and Statistics

Campus Parking

The Wiregrass Georgia Technical College (WGTC) has established parking and traffic policies in an attempt to provide as much freedom as possible while protecting the health and safety of all who attend and visit the campus. These regulations are strictly enforced.

All persons operating a motor vehicle on the WGTC campus do so at their own risk. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are encouraged to secure vehicles while parked in the parking lot against theft and damage. WGTC is not responsible for damages or loss incurred while on campus.

Operating a vehicle on campus is a privilege, not a right. All persons operating a motor vehicle on campus are expected to adhere to traffic and parking regulations as published in the Student Handbook and/or posted throughout the campus.

Parking Permits
All vehicles on campus are required to register and display a parking decal that is affixed to the front right windshield of the vehicle. Faculty, staff, and students are required to display these decals while parked on campus at all times. Faculty and staff should obtain their decal from Human Resources, in Valdosta located in Berrien Hall, Room 112, and in Fitzgerald located in Charles Harris Learning Center, Room 630C. Students should complete a Parking Permit Application available at the campus bookstores, main reception areas, Campus Police Departments, or you may print one here .

  • To complete the application, you will need to provide contact information, your student ID number, year, make, model, tag number, and color of your vehicle.
  • Bring your student schedule, parking decal application, and student ID card to the security office on the Valdosta Campus, or the main reception desk on the Ben Hill-Irwin Campus.

Temporary parking passes are required for those who are visiting the campus, and whose vehicles are not permanently registered.

  • Temporary parking passes may be obtained at the Campus Police Department if needed.

GED students attending classes on one of the main campuses must obtain a temporary GED decal.

  • To receive a temporary GED parking pass, GED students will need to bring their GALIS ID number or Social Security number and the completed parking application to a Security Office on the Valdosta Campus, or the main reception desk on the Ben Hill-Irwin Campus.

We encourage all students to get their decal as early as possible. In all cases vehicles must be registered while parked on campus.

Parking illegally will result in a fine for each offense. As stated at the bottom of each ticket, offenders are required to pay the fine in the bookstore or designated area.

Parking violators may appeal a parking citation within seven days from the date issued. Appeal forms can be obtained from the Office of Student Affairs and the WGCT Campus Police Department. Students cannot appeal a parking offense after the seven-day period. Ticketed offenses not paid or appealed within the seven-day period will result in doubling of the fine.

Repeat offenders who have accumulated two or more parking offenses may have their vehicle towed or a wheel lock placed on their vehicle. Students will be responsible for any fines and fees associated with the towing of their vehicle. A student whose vehicle has received a wheel lock will be required to pay a $25 fee to have the wheel lock removed from the vehicle. Students who disregard traffic and parking policies will have their privileges to drive on campus revoked.

A student’s failure to pay a parking fine will result in a hold being place on their record. If an appeals process extends into registration or beyond the end of the semester, it is suggested that the fine be paid pending the appeal process. Refunds will be made if necessary.

Rules and Regulations
It is not possible to determine the validity of a student/customer relationship on an individual basis; therefore, students who utilize any of the WGTC services as a customer are required to park in student parking areas only. The temporary parking passes do not allow students to park in unauthorized spaces. Vehicles displaying student or faculty/staff decals are not authorized to park in visitor under any circumstances. Students may park in designated parking areas only. Generally, any space not specifically designated or identified as being reserved for a specific person or group is acceptable parking by students. Specifically, students may not park in the following areas:

  • Faculty and staff parking
  • Handicapped parking
  • Visitor parking
  • In the road or right of way for vehicular traffic
  • Loading zones
  • On sidewalks
  • In areas specifically marked “NO PARKING”

After 5 p.m. students may park in unmarked spaces and spaces marked “Faculty”. All other restrictions still apply.

Severe/Inclement Weather Policy and Procedures

Decisions regarding conditions affecting Wiregrass Georgia Technical College during severe/inclement weather will be made by the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), after consultation with the President. The VPAA (or designee) will communicate the decision concerning closing of college facilities, opening late or closing early, to employees and students through several methods by 6 a.m. or as early in the day as possible.

Notifications will be posted on the WGTC website, social media pages, and notification will be sent to local media outlets.  For a complete list of media outlets that will be notified click here.


Ben Hill-Irwin Campus
Mike Kelly
Chief of Police

Room 217
667 Perry House Road
Fitzgerald, GA  31750
(229) 468-2034
(229) 425-1651

Coffee County Campus
Clifford Thomas

706 West Baker Highway
Douglas, GA  31533
(229) 468-2255
(229) 560-3343

Cook County Workforce Development Center
Desi Tabor
Chris Morris (evening)
1676 North Elm Street
Sparks, GA  31647
(229) 549-7368 (day/evening)
(229) 219-3175 (day)
(229) 375-9346 (day)
(229) 560-1359 (evening)

Valdosta Campus
Desi Tabor

4089 Val Tech Road
Valdosta, GA  31602
(229) 219-3175
(229) 375-9346