Testing is a central part of the educational experience. Applicants to Wiregrass Georgia Technical College begin with a placement test for entry into the college, may continue with program-specific testing for their chosen field of study, and may conclude with tests for professional certification. GED® testing and Work Keys are also available through the college.

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College offers exemption testing for many core and occupational courses. Click for more information on exemption testing.

The Placement Test

The ability of a student to succeed in an occupational program at a technical college is determined by the math and language skills he or she possesses. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College is committed to ensuring that our students possess the academic skills necessary to reach their career goals. Therefore, all students applying to Wiregrass Georgia Technical College must be assessed prior to acceptance to a program of study. Students will then be admitted in accordance with the admissions policies. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College utilizes COMPASS, published by ACT, as its primary state approved assessment instrument for testing applicants for program readiness. For applicants who are unable to take computerized tests, or in certain other situations, Wiregrass Georgia Technical College offers another state approved instrument published by ACT.

COMPASS consists of a series of four tests: Writing, Reading, Numerical Skills and Algebra. This computer-based test is an untimed, multiple choice examination.  Algebra scores are required only for Associate Degrees and certain other programs of study which include algebra in their approved curricula. All other programs require a numerical score.

Please refer to the following links for practice materials to prepare for the COMPASS test. Each link will give a brief explanation about test material and provide practice questions.

How to Test

Applicants approved for testing will receive a testing permission slip from the Admissions Office. This slip, along with a valid photo ID, must be presented to the Testing Center to gain entrance to testing. Applicants who do not possess a photo I.D. may notify the Admissions Office in advance of the testing date and prove identification through a combination of birth certificate, social security card, and other forms of identification. An appointment is not required to test, but availability of test dates may vary. Remote testing can be arranged for students who are enrolling at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, but live at a distance from the college campuses. The Testing Center can assist in this scheduling.

Post-Test Orientation

Applicants are notified immediately after the testing session of their scores and admission status. Each student is given a copy of his or her score report and the next steps of the admissions process are discussed. If short-term remediation is an option, necessary forms will be provided to the student.

Admissions Status and Retest

Students who earn the required placement test scores on all sections of the placement test and who meet other admissions requirements are classified as regular admit students. Those who do not earn the required placement test scores on one or more sections of the test are offered various forms of remediation through the Student Success Center, Learning Support or Adult Education, based on their test scores, to help ensure academic success when they begin college coursework. Staff members in all departments are eager to assist students in achieving their academic goals.

Students who do not achieve regular admit scores are assigned a provisional admit type if their test scores are at or above 096 level in all three subject areas and are at 097 level or above in at least one of the areas (see information below concerning students who score at 096 level in all three areas). Students scoring in the 097 placement score range or above are given the opportunity for free short-term remediation through the Student Success Center, if time permits prior to the beginning of the subsequent semester. When remediation is complete, usually within one month, these students may retest on the applicable section or sections (a $5 retest fee per section will apply). If, after remediation, regular admit scores are earned, students may register per guidelines for regular admit students. Students whose scores still fall below regular admit status will register for the appropriate Learning Support class(es) for their first semester of enrollment.  

Students who earn test scores in the 096 range for a subject area are not offered the option of short-term remediation for that area and are required to enroll in appropriate Learning Support class(es) during their first semester. Those scoring in the 096 range for all three subject areas are classified as learning support students and may enroll only in learning support coursework until provisional or regular admit status is attained.

Individuals enrolled in learning support coursework must complete all required courses in the learning support sequence and must earn at least a grade of “C” in order to progress to the next level. Placement retests are not administered to students at the end of learning support courses with the exception of degree-seeking students who must retest at the conclusion of the last course in the learning support sequence.

Students whose test scores fall below the 096 level on any section of the placement test are referred to our Adult Education department to brush up on their basic academic skills. Enrollment in college coursework is delayed until the Adult Education requirement is met and the placement scores earned upon retest are at least at the 096 level.

Exemption from Placement Testing

Students with acceptable SAT, PACT, Compass or ASSET scores no more than sixty months old may exempt the placement test. If a student’s test scores are over sixty months old, they are considered to be invalid and the student will be required to retest. Official transcripts from an accredited institution approved by the United States Secretary of Education documenting equivalent program-level English and math coursework successfully completed (i.e. a grade of “C” or better was earned) at other post-secondary institutions may be used to document a student’s basic education skills and eliminate the need to complete that portion of the assessment instrument. Equivalent coursework includes coursework of the same or higher level (e.g. algebra or calculus coursework may exempt the student from taking the equivalent or lower level of the math portion of the placement test).


As part of the competitive admissions process for the Associate of Science in Nursing, Dental Assisting, Practical Nursing, Radiologic Technology, and Surgical Technology Programs, applicants must schedule and take the HESI entrance exam and submit a progression form to the Student Affairs Specialist before the posted deadlines. Students can schedule for the HESI only after achieving the minimum placement test scores for the program and paying the $47.00 testing fee in the bookstore.

All applicants must complete these designated sections: Math, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and General Knowledge and Grammar, Anatomy & Physiology, Learning Profile & Personality Style, and Critical Thinking. Applicants are encouraged to complete an Anatomy and Physiology (or equivalent) course prior to taking the examination. Also, a study guide is available through Elsevier.

The HESI is offered on all campuses several times per year. A student must present the receipt in the Test Center or Student Success Center to schedule the test and must provide valid picture ID to testing personnel on the day of the exam before being admitted to the testing center. Test sessions close to acceptance dates may fill early, so students are encouraged to plan for testing well in advance of the semester they will meet other requirements for entrance into the program.

Each program utilizes the results of the HESI A2 exam in a way which best meets the needs of the specific program. Please consult with your Academic Advisor, Program Faculty, or the Allied Health Advising Packet for program specific information.

Applicants have two (2) attempts to complete the HESI A2 Exam within a 1 year (12-month) time frame, with the highest score used for program selections. The scores are valid for one (1) year post examination date. The HESI A2 Exam must be completed prior to the application deadline. 2016 HESI Testing Dates

GED® Testing

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College is an official General Educational Development (GED) Testing Center. The GED tests are developed by the General Educational Development Testing Service (GEDTS) of the American Council on Education and are designed to provide an opportunity for adults who have not graduated from high school to earn a high school level educational credential. The GED tests measure the major academic skills and knowledge associated with a high school program of study, with increased emphasis on workplace and higher education. GED credentials are accepted by industry, government, licensing boards, colleges and universities, and employers as the equivalent to a high school education.

The GED test consists of four parts covering the following subject areas: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. Partial tests are administered throughout the month in day and evening sessions, with all four sections of the test offered approximately twice per month. Pre-registration and advance payments are required. For more information concerning the Adult Education and GED Programs, contact the Valdosta Adult Education Department at (229) 333-2123 or the Ben Hill-Irwin Adult Education Department at (229) 468-2272.


Click here to view the WorkKeys information page.

Other Testing

The Valdosta campus of Wiregrass Georgia Technical College is an approved test center for several testing agencies. People may schedule to take a variety of ACT tests through the Test Center. These ACT tests are for professional certifications and do not include tests for college admission. National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT) has approved the Valdosta campus to administer testing for professional certifications in areas including Insurance and Coding Specialist, Medical Assistant, and Tech in Surgery. Pearson VUE Informational Technology tests and the Dental Assisting National Board exams are available through the Test Center. Information technology testing through Prometric Services can also be completed on the Valdosta Campus. All testing for these agencies must be scheduled through the test agency, not through the college test center. Exam dates vary and availability may be limited.

Student Success Centers

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Cook County Workforce Development Center
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