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Helpful Tutorial Sites

This is an online text book for anatomy and physiology. It provides tutorials through interactive animations and quizzes.
This website includes a large variety of science topics at several levels.  Biology topics are explained using videos and slideshows.   This site is not limited to biology.
The online tutorial website introduces several study tutorials to include vocabulary words for all areas of Biology to include Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Human Biology as well as many others.  The website also introduces to other language options (Spanish and Italian).
This site aims to promote the understanding of various aspects of the area of Biology.  Topics covered to include plant biology, developmental biology, cell biology, control of growth and development as well as many others.  Each of the topics includes vocabulary for a better understanding of the subject they are exploring.
This online chemistry tutorial from Washington University is very detailed and includes instruction, help and quizzes.
This site includes helpful links that include review on conversions, word problems and scientific notation.
This site provides very detailed, clear explanations including diagrams.
Drug Calculation
This site includes quizzes and help sections on metric conversions, and dosage and IV calculations.
This site includes quizzes with helpful tips. Some parts of the website require registration and a fee.
This a printable review sheet with very useful information.
This site includes detailed tutorials with examples.
Medical Terms
This Des Moines University site provides tutorials and quizzes to help students succeed in medical terminology.
This is an interactive website from the National Library of Medicine that provides tutoring in medical terminology. The tutorials begin with word building and provide quizzes for students to test their knowledge.
This site is a quiz site that allows you to test your medical terminology knowledge. It would be useful when preparing for a test.
This site provides quizzes and online testing material to help students prepare for tests in their medical terms class.
This site includes slideshows, videos, worked examples and simulations relating to physics. The site also has other science information.
This University of Guelph site includes remedial exercises and tutorials. Some links are not active.
This website includes videos, interactive study and review materials for physics.
Basic Computer
This site is a very simple, interactive introduction to using a mouse and basic keys.
This site covers basic computer skills, search engines, Microsoft programs, email and more.
Introduction to Search Engines
This interactive PowerPoint explains using search engines.
Keyboarding Tests and Practice
This is a fun website that goes from the most basic practice to advanced exercises.
This site includes practice and measure of typing speed.
This is a large site with multiple options. It includes pop-ups and may not work with some security settings.
This site includes explanations, quizzes, and questions with answers for a broad range of topics from accounting basics to payroll and financial accounting. It includes information on very specific areas including depreciation, income statements, and costing.
This easy to read and understand site provides information including financial accounting, bookkeeping, the accounting cycle, financial statements, and accounting standards.
This site offers students tips for understanding questions about reading passages. It gives steps on how to find the answer to questions accompanying a passage. Sample paragraphs and questions are provided along with excellent strategies for improving reading comprehension skills.
This page is designed to help students understand reading as an activity and to become a more efficient and effective reader. It provides links for learning how to improve reading skills through such components as the SQ3R Method, Getting to Know Your Texts, Pivotal Words, etc. It also explains common reading myths, how to read textbooks, and where to read to find important information.
This site provides links under the “Various Perspectives” heading that introduce suggestions for improving reading speed, reading to comprehend and learn, understanding why people read, and reading test preparation page.
This page provides strategies for reading intelligently, how to find information in a passage, knowing how deeply to study the material, active reading, and study methods. Links at the top of the page also cover time management, stress management, information skills, communication skills, and memory improvement.
Good explanations at the word, sentence, paragraph, and essay levels. Also includes 170+ interactive quizzes.
This is a very detailed site where students learn about word and phrase patterns, clauses, verb tense, verb forms, punctuation, and more! The site provides English grammar lessons, quizzes, exercises, and tests for practice.
Research Paper Resources
This is an excellent site and is utilized by most English instructors for assistance.
This informative tool explains the importance of planning, and the use of an outline and a draft when writing a research paper.
Although this site is geared toward teens, it includes step by step guide at writing a research paper.
This site includes homework help, practice, study tips, links to other websites, calculators and tools. Subjects include Basic Math, Everyday Math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra help.
This site includes basic math skills, interactive practices, explanations of math problems, and games. Explanations are good; practices are excellent with immediate feedback. The site is also easy to navigate and includes basic math and algebra topics.
Choose Ask Dr. Math after entering website. The format is interesting. The website is large, but easily navigated. FAQ and Selected Answers are helpful for basic math and algebra.
This site includes lessons on a variety of basic algebraic concepts with interactive worksheets. Some study skills tips are also included.
This online text represents a great deal of information and summaries of the major theories, concepts, and treatment approaches in the field of psychology. Following the text will provide you with a strong basic understanding of the field of psychology.
The glossary contains an A to Z listing of psychological terms with definitions and examples. Learn more about psychology one word and a time. Find both brief and extended definitions of a wide variety of psychological topics. The terms included here cover many subjects and sub-fields of psychology.
This site covers a series of topics relating to psychology. Each topic covered includes an introduction, summary and analysis, and a quiz.
Study Skills
Includes links on preparing to study, taking notes, reading strategies, listening strategies, test taking strategies, time management, and tips on solving math problems. Materials are short, concise, and are easy to read and understand. Also includes a printer-friendly version of the material.
This site provides useful information on the studying process such as absorbing information, processing information, and test anxiety when it comes time to remember information. It also includes links for studying specific material such as accounting, math, English, and biology.
This site includes links with information on time management, reading suggestions, note taking, places and times to study, and managing stress and anxiety. Most links have additional handouts that can be downloaded and printed out for personal use.
Text Anxiety
The site offers a check list that will aid students in reducing their anxiety prior to testing.
The West Virginia University site provides information on types of anxiety and the causes of anxiety. Also, explains the different methods of relaxing to reduce test taking anxiety.
The site provides numerous links to information regarding test taking anxiety, to include combating anxiety and avoiding anxiety. It also addresses different study skills students can use to prevent testing anxiety. The site offers links on dealing with anxiety pertaining to specific types of tests, such as essays and math tests.
Test Taking Skills
Easy-to-read guides provide information on proper note taking, studying, test taking strategies, and test anxiety reduction. Tips cover a variety of tests including multiple choice, true/false, and short answer.
This is a short essay written by professors Richard M. Felder and James E. Stice addressing test taking preparation and best practices for timed tests.
This Buck Community College website provides information on test taking strategies to help students before, during, and after taking a test. Hyperlinks scattered throughout the website offer additional information on highlighted ideas, words, and material.
This site includes guides on test preparation, true/false tests, online tests, multiple choice tests, and short answer tests. It also includes information on open book exams, oral exams, essay exams, and math exams.
Multiple Subjects Website
Khan Academy
Contains over 3000 videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and hundreds of skills to practice.

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