Advising Technology Help

Advising Technology:

myNavigate is your "one-stop shop" to stay on task each with enrollment activities each semester. You will use the Planner in myNavigate to work with your ARC advisor to map out your classes from today through graduation! You will use myNavigate to register for classes. Download myNavigate desktop and mobile app today!
All students receive a Wiregrass email account upon application to the college. Use this to communication with various departments at the college and your instructors.
Manage and view your information. You can also use BanWeb to register, check financial aid requirements, and pay tuition.
Complete your online classes here!
Sign up to receive emergency notifications from the college.
The ARC uses WebEx Teams to meet with students by video and phone. You can also chat with advisors if signed up with your Wiregrass student email account. Download WebEx Teams today!

Navigate Instructions

The "Hey, Name" box will be red if there is an active hold that needs to be addressed. Click the hold box for more information
  • To-Dos and Events: releases timely information. You can mark item as complete. You can add personal action items. You can also add resource to favorites list. Go ahead and review and complete your to-dos.
  • Appointments: make appointment for ARC, admissions, VA, special pops, etc.
  • Study Buddies: sign up so that you can form study groups with your classmates
  • Resources: lists physical and digital resources available. You can also see your People (aka Care Team)
  • Messages: check for messages regarding your academic plan here (opt in for email notifications)
  • Holds: see holds you may have that prevent registration and information on how to resolve them
  • Class Schedule: View your class schedule
  • My Major: take the major explorer to make sure your program matches your interests!
  • Settings: See your information. Opt-in for specific topics. Update your phone number. Opt-in for text and email messages to make sure you don’t miss out on important stuff!
    1. Update My Preferences: update your Wiregrass start term
      1. Favorites: see your program and favorite resources
        1. Update To-Do Topics: Opt-in to additional resources for Dental Hygiene, Spec Pops, and VA/Military
          1. Notifications: add your cell number, opt in to text/email notification…. especially for academic planner!
You and your ARC academic advisor will use the Planner to map out your courses for your program of study, preferably through graduation. The first time you land on this page, a quick tutorial will highlight how the you should use this feature. Along the left-hand side will be a menu bar with icons that lead to the following screens:
  • My Planner/Academic Plan/Plan Suggestions: The Course Map on the left is a list of classes that you need to complete for your program of record. You can drag and drop courses into the term in which you plan to take the class. The term-by-term plan you create with your ARC Academic Advisor is your student specific Academic Plan.
  • Please note your ARC Academic Advisor may have already created a plan for you proactively via the Academic Planning Shared Workspace.
  • If you have used alternate fulfillment methods like transfer credit, AP credit, waivers, et cetera, they can be marked as requirement met.
  • Favorites: Classes will appear here if a class has been marked as a 'favorite', expressing your interest in taking a particular course.
  • Search: If you do not see a course you would like to take (as it is likely outside of their course map requirements), you can search for that course by clicking on the magnifying glass tab.
  • Once you opt-in for Academic Planner messages, you will be notified when an advisor has updated your plan or provided feedback. You will be provided the opportunity to accept or decline the changes.
  • You may also print your academic plan by clicking the print icon at the top of the page.
  • You can also open of your Degree Audit to verify the classes you need to take.
  • Once you have planned your courses, you can proceed with registration within myNavigate. You will be able to set your preferences for when and where you can take classes and then select class sections based on those preferences and on seat availability in the course.
From Academic Planner, you will access Course Scheduling by clicking on a blue button within the term for which you would like to register. If the registration period for a term is not yet open, the button will be disabled (appearing as grey instead of blue), thus preventing you from advancing to Course Scheduling. If the registration period is open and you will be scheduling your classes for that term for the first time, the button will be blue and read as 'Register'. If you have previously selected a course schedule and re returning to the functionality again, the blue button will read 'View/Edit Schedule'.
  • You can see the timeline view of your courses at the top of the Course Schedule. This is helpful for seeing registration sessions as well as classes with multiple meeting patterns (e.g. a class meets for multiple special dates instead of a more standard T/R at 3:30-5PM pattern).
  • Click on View Details to see if a class in hybrid.
After you have planned your courses for the term in Academic Planner and chosen which specific sections of each course you would like to take in Course Scheduling, you can then move on to Registration. Registration is the final piece to creating a holistic student Academic Planning experience. To register, simply click on the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner that reads 'Register'.
  • You will be notified when your registration has gone through successfully through the Transaction Summary window.
    • You can print your schedule by clicking on the print icon.

BanWeb Instructions

  1. Login to myBanWeb
  2. Choose Student Services & Financial Aid tab
  3. Choose Registration
  4. Select Term
  5. Click Continue to the Registration Menu link at the bottom of the page
  6. Click Add/Drop Classes
  7. If you are asked for an alternate pin, see The ARC!
  8. Add CRNS to the Add Classes Worksheet
  9. Or select Class Search and following the on-screen instructions for searching for classes.
  10. Select from open courses by clicking in the box beside the CRN on the course list. When a course is selected, click on Add to Worksheet (or Register) at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on Add to Worksheet you will be taken back to the Add/Drop Classes screen. You can register for each class individually or repeat the search and add additional classes to the worksheet prior to registering. Repeat this process for all classes that you wish to register for.
  11. Once done, select Submit Changes
  12. Need a course override? See The ARC!
  13. Click on the Back Arrow at the top of the page
  14. Select Student Detail Schedule and/or Student Schedule by Day & Time
  15. Enter "CTRL+P" on the keyboard or right-click and select "Print"
  1. Login to myBanWeb
  2. Choose Student Services & Financial Aid tab
  3. Choose Registration
  4. Select Term
  5. Click Continue to the Registration Menu link at the bottom of the page
  6. Select Student Detail Schedule and/or Student
  7. Schedule by Day & Time
  8. Enter "CTRL+P" on the keyboard or right-click and select "Print"
  1. Click on Student Services & Financial Aid and select Financial Aid.
  2. Scroll down and click on My Overall Status of Financial Aid and select the current aid year (July 2019-June 2020) and submit.
  3. Click on My Eligibility and select Student Requirements. Here you may view the status of your financial aid application and check for any required documents. All requirements must be “Received” or “Received and Satisfied” for your financial aid file to be complete. Applications selected for verification may take up to 3 weeks to be processed.
  1. Click on Student Services & Financial Aid and select Financial Aid.
  2. Scroll down and click on Award Information. In the drop down box, select the current aid year (July 2019-June 2020) and submit. Click on the second tab, Award Overview. The award amounts that are shown are an estimate of what you could receive each semester based on full-time enrollment which is 12 or more hours. The award will be prorated if your enrollment for any term is less than 12 semester hours.
  3. Next, click on Overall Financial Aid Status.
  4. Click on Available (Authorized) Financial Aid. Here you may view the amount of financial aid authorized on your account. The difference between your account balance and the total financial aid authorized or disbursed to your account is what you can expect to have available to purchase books or refunded to you after tuition and fees have been deducted. If the account balance is larger than the total financial aid you will not have money available for books. You must pay the remaining balance by the third day of the term. NOTE: Withdrawing from courses during the term will affect the amount of your financial aid refund and future financial aid awards. Contact the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from classes.