mySuccess Workshops

mySuccess Events: Academic Success Workshops

We realize that college can be tough! The ARC and various Departments have partnered to bring you a series of VIRTUAL workshops to help you be successful! Webinars – Online

These 4 webinars have been made available courtesy of

Stress Management: Looking to reduce stress? If you've ever been stressed and weren't sure how to deal, this webinar is for you.

Critical Thinking and Research Skills: Want to become an independent learner? Join us to learn about the characteristics of true critical thinkers.

Habilidades Estudiantiles: ¿Necesitas más ayuda con tus estudios? Aprenda como se puede mejorar tus habilidades estudiantiles en tu rutina diaria en nuestra breve serie de web.

Study Skills: Not quite on top of your studies? Learn how to bring better study habits into your routine in this short Student Success Series webinar.

How to Improve Your Communication Skill – March 10th – 3pm

Want to learn how to communicate efficiently with your friends, family, co-workers and instructors? Attend this VIRTUAL session to learn more about verbal, nonverbal, and written communication.

Hosted by Camden Reynolds, ARC Specialist

Overcoming Test Anxiety – March 10th – 10am

Do you struggle with test anxiety? You are not alone! Attend this virtual session to explore the causes and several solutions for this common challenge.

Hosted by: Marc Dame, Special Populations Coordinator

Test Taking Tips – March 4th – 9:00am

Understanding and becoming familiar with different exam formats, as well as learning and applying different examination strategies.

Hosted by Cypcyone Thomas, ARC Specialist

Practicing Self Care – March 2nd – 2:00pm

A guide to practicing self care while balancing everyday responsibilities.

Hosted by Melissa Wilt

Research in the Library – February 25th – 11:00am

How to get started doing research in a library.

Hosted by Tera Ray, ARC Specialist

Resources for GED (GED Overview) – February 23rd – 11:00am

Overview of the resources for GED and GED Resources Centers

Hosted by Amber Elliott

Surviving Online Classes During a Pandemic – February 16th – 12pm

We will discuss the challenges students face with completing online courses and identify methods to improve study habits, construct a school work-space, and avoid burnout.

Hosted by Brenton Warren

Building Open Educational Resource Libguides for Faculty/ Specific Departments – February 16th – 11am

Overview of building OER libguides for instructors as well as building them for different departments.

Hosted by: Patrice Toomer

What’s the Difference Between Online, Hybrid, and Classroom? – February 15th – 10am

This workshop will share the importance of checking your email, grades, and communicating with your instructor; building relationships; and the effect of procrastinations.

Hosted by: Faith Spencer

Library Overview/Orientation – February 11th – 11am

Learn about online resources offered by the library and navigating the library homepage. We will discuss online libguides, primo, Galileo, and many other resources available to students.

Hosted by Patrice Toomer

Financial Aid – February 9th – 3pm

Apply now for your 2021-2022 FAFSA and how to do it. Q&A session on all things related to Financial Aid.

Hosted by Paula Herring

Alternative File Formats in Blackboard – February 9th – 2pm

Learn how to download files from Blackboard in different formats such as MP3 (audio) or PDF to make course content more user-friendly.

Hosted by Jennifer Bevis & Sabrina Cox