COVID-19 Withdrawal Procedure

Procedures for Withdrawal Due to COVID-19 Related Issues

WGTC understands that since Summer Semester 2020, students may continue to face challenges in relation to COVID-19 responses from the College and in their personal lives. To assist students during this ongoing national and state public health crisis, students will be able to submit documentation attesting to withdrawals related to COVID-19 from Fall Semster 2020 through the term the federal national emergency is officially declared ended. In those cases, a nonpunitive grade may be assigned to the student’s record for the course(s) withdrawn from due to the public health crisis.

Students who receive federal financial aid may qualify for a special provision related to the return of any required funds to the Department of Education.

Steps You Must Take

  1. Complete the Withdrawal Attestation Form. Select one or more circumstances as applicable to the COVID-19 situation that you have experienced.
  1. Loss of appropriate technology such as internet service, access to a computer, tablet or other electronic device suitable for class
  2. Loss of childcare
  3. Loss of personal income or family income as a result of COVID-19
  4. Works in an essential job capacity and work shifts have increased
  5. Personal exposure or positive case of COVID-19
  6. Taking care of family exposed to COVID-19
  7. Taking care of family that are most at risk for COVID-19 and ordered to shelter in place
  8. Loss of access to medical and mental health treatment due to shelter in place
  9. National Guard and Reservist activated in response to COVID-19
  10. Other hardships that can be directly related to COVID-19

  1. Upload documentation that backs up how you were impacted by COVID-19. Documentation may include but is not limited to the following:
  1. Internet bills showing service disconnection
  2. Letter from childcare provider showing loss of childcare. Note: Letters that are not submitted on company letterhead must be notarized
  3. Letter from your employer stating change in work shifts; or that states your job assignment as an essential worker
  4. Unemployment Statement for loss of employment
  5. Letter from a doctor’s office on company letterhead confirming COVID-19 treatment of yourself or a family member in your care
  6. Statements from Mental Health practitioners, counselors, or ministers
  7. Military orders

The Financial Aid Office will review the request and notify you through your Wiregrass e-mail if additional information is required; or, of the final decision on the request.