Low Ropes Challenge

Let us take your group or organization through an experiential learning that will facilitate growth, development and understanding of interpersonal and communication skills, team work, problem solving abilities, leadership skills and trust. The Wiregrass Georgia Technical College Ropes Challenge Course can be deployed in two ways:

Low Ropes Challenge Course at Valdosta

The Wiregrass Low Ropes Challenge Course is located at the Valdosta Campus and is designed for participants of ages 9 years old and up. There are 14 possible Low Ropes elements to choose from based on the dynamics of the group. The Low Ropes course is characterized by its purpose which is to serve as a catalyst for the development of interpersonal skills and team building. Participants have an opportunity to work together to solve hands-on problems that require critical thinking, assessment and use of individual and group strengths. Participants will also determine challenges the group may encounter and how to minimize or overcome these obstacles. Group participants also learn and practice important safety techniques which reinforce the need for team support.

Prior to any groups’ scheduled event, facilitator will meet with the group leaders to discuss purpose and goals of the event specific to their needs.

Course is available for businesses, non‐profit organizations, youth groups, Scout Troops, religious groups, government departments, and educational groups.

Cost is dependent on size of group, initiatives chosen, and amount of time spent on the course. Discounts are available for non‐profit organizations.

Portable Low Ropes Course Elements:

Portable Low Ropes Course elements are designed for participants of all ages 9 years old and up that can be transported to your location. We offer a wide selection of portable low ropes elements that every participant can enjoy. These ropes activities will foster the team building process and help ignite a spirit of unity among groups.

For information about the Wiregrass Challenge Course, contact Brandy Wilkes, Associate Vice President for Economic Development at (229) 468-2228.

Here are just a few comments participants have said about their experience on WGTC’s Ropes/Challenge Course.

Leadership Brooks
“It brought us much closer together.”
“I am willing to trust others more.”
“It taught us to think things through before acting.”
“I highly recommend for others to take this course.”

JM Manufacturing
“I learned to trust and rely on others more.”
“I need to be mindful of other people and their way of doing things, and to take into consideration their ideas – instead of just mine.”
“I was able to really challenge my mind to push further.”

SAFT America
“It helped us see how important it is to work as a team.”
“I love this course. The instructors were great!”
“Some things can not be accomplished unless you work as a team.”