Wiregrass FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated March 27, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.

Is the college open?

Due to the continued health issues and concerns resulting from the coronavirus (COVID-19), Wiregrass Georgia Technical College is extending its decision to provide all classes in a distance education format through the rest of Spring Semester. All academic and adult education classes will continue using a variety of electronic delivery methods during this time. The college campuses will remain closed to the public during this time.

While a variety of factors influenced this decision, be assured that the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff is always our primary concern. The emergency management team is meeting daily and will continue to develop answers, adjust plans as necessary, and communicate frequently. Please monitor https://www.wiregrass.edu for updated information and resources.

When will classes resume?
Effective March 23, academic and adult education classes will resume via distance education methods only. Faculty are currently working on moving academic classes to a distance education format that will include many modes of delivery – email, blackboard, videos, webex, etc... Information regarding the move to distance learning will be communicated via faculty to students as it is confirmed. This is a developing process so please continue to monitor your Wiregrass student email for details from your faculty.

What about those that had Spring Break plans already made for the original Spring Break?
Because this is an unexpected change to the academic calendar due to an emergency response plan, faculty will do their best to accommodate students. We can not guarantee what that response will be but please communicate with your faculty member the concerns you have.

What about students in clinical placements, internships, lab hours, etc..
Students should remain in contact with their faculty in regards to their placement in any of these situations. Faculty are working on answers this week to a longer term solution. Additional guidance will be provided as it is available.

What if I don’t have Internet at home?
See “Broadband Access by Carrier” for solutions to Internet provisions. (updated)

Is the testing lab open?
The testing labs are closed through the end of Spring Semester.

Is the bookstore open?
All campus bookstores are closed through the end of Spring Semester.

How is the College addressing sanitizing concerns?
Teams have been established that are working through each building and sanitizing per recommended guidelines. This process will continue as advised on a daily basis.

Can Federal or Veteran Workstudy Students continue to work?
At this time, work study students are allowed to work as long as the supervisor has work for them to do. Each work study supervisor was provided guidance and forms to complete to approve work study work hours during this week. You will be allowed to continue working your FWS job when the college is open. Should the College have to close temporarily there are provisions that allows the college to continue paying federal work study students their wages during the period the college is closed due to the COVID-19 situation.

Can I meet with my advisor?
ARC advisors are available to meet virtually with students, or by phone. Please schedule your virtual appointment in myNavigate. You may also contact ARC advisors at arc@wiregrass.edu.

Is the tutoring lab open?
A virtual tutor lab will be open beginning March 23. Students can also access tutor.com 24/7 through one of their Blackboard courses. Contact tutoring@wiregrass.edu if you need additional assistance.

Who do I contact for Financial Aid questions?
Designated staff are available to talk with you by calling 229-333-2107, Monday - Thursday, 8 am - 5:30 pm; and Friday, 8 am - 3 pm. You may email financialaid@wiregrass.edu. Designated staff are monitoring e-mails.

  • You can find "How to Apply" information online at https://www.wiregrass.edu/financial-aid.
    • New students for Summer Semester 2020 will complete the 2019-2020 FAFSA using 2017 taxed and untaxed information.
    • If you are currently attending classes for Spring Semester or will be attending Summer Semester 2020, please complete the renewal FAFSA for 2020-2021 using 2018 taxed and untaxed information. You must have already completed the 2019-2020 FAFSA to do a renewal FAFSA.
    • Financial Aid is currently downloading 2020-2021 FAFSAs. So watch your student email for instructions if additional information should be needed to process your FASFA after our download.
    • If you are contacted to submit documents for the FAFSA Verification process you will be able to access our online financial aid portal to upload required paperwork.

Online Frequently Asked Questions

Updated March 26, 2020

  1. New to Blackboard or need a refresher?
    Review the Blackboard Orientation at https://gvtc.tcsg.edu/Portals/23/bborient/DEOrientationBbL7.html. The first six pages of the orientation provide general information and tips to be successful in an online environment. Page 7 begins Blackboard Tutorials.
  2. Need a quick guide on how to get started in Blackboard?
    Download this document: https://gvtc.tcsg.edu/Portals/23/Documents/GetStarted%20(4).pdf?ver=2019-12-16-141148-403 Also found on Online Resources tab at top right of Wiregrass Blackboard screens; scroll down to ‘Computer Needs’ section.
  3. Need Blackboard Resources?
    Go to the Wiregrass Blackboard Login Page https://wiregrass.blackboard.com and click the Online Resources Tab at the top right! Don’t be afraid to click the links for more information on the topic.
  4. Need help with Blackboard?
    Email online@wiregrass.edu; Participate in Live Chat via Blackboard website: http://wiregrass.blackboard.com by completing the Blackboard Help module. Users do NOT have to login to Blackboard to access the Blackboard Help module. If a person is not available via Live Chat, the question/request will become a help desk ticket and a response will be sent within 24 hours; Call 229-468-2022, 229-245-2462 or 229-245-6554 and leave a detailed message with a return number.
  5. Blackboard Login Tips
    To access Blackboard, go to https://wiregrass.blackboard.com and bookmark or save this site to your favorites. Review login information below the Blackboard Login for username and password. Click the Students and Faculty Blackboard Login image. If you are using a phone or tablet, select “Students and Faculty login” from the dropdown menu just below the username and password boxes on your screen. This will switch you over to the correct login screen.

    Please be sure to use either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari to access Blackboard. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are not recommended.
    If you encounter an error while trying to login to Blackboard, clear the browser cache/cookies. Directions are provided on the Wiregrass Blackboard login page and also found at https://gvtc.tcsg.edu/Portals/23/Documents/ClearingBrowserCacheInstructions.pdf
    Students should contact their instructors concerning coursework or specific course requirements. The course syllabus will state the best way to contact the instructor. Students are encouraged to check their email for updates from advisors and their faculty members in regards to their classes moving online. Current students will be notified by their faculty member of any additional instructions for completing their coursework during this time.
  6. Blackboard Course Menu
    Once in a Blackboard course, the Course Menu appears on the left side of the course. The Course Menu is accessible from anywhere in the course. By default the Course Menu is visible. You can hide/show the course menu by clicking the arrow icon on the right side of the menu; therefore, if you cannot see the course menu, it could be hidden from display. To show the course menu, click the “Show Course Menu” arrow button. If you cannot find the “Show Course Menu” arrow, reset your screen zoom to 100%. You can do this several ways, but one of the easiest is to use your keyboard - hold down the Ctrl key and press minus sign (-) to zoom out so you can view the entire screen. Note: Ctrl and plus sign (+) will zoom in to make larger.
  7. Blackboard Testing Tips
    Reboot the computer and clear the browser cache just before starting a test. Directions to clear browser cache are provided on the Wiregrass Blackboard login page and also found at https://gvtc.tcsg.edu/wiregrass/Wiregrass/Respondus-LockDown-Browser
    When testing, make sure the web browser is the only application running on the computer while taking the test (frees up maximum resources for the browser). If using Respondus Lockdown Browser, be sure to enter Bb through this browser (not Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) Review: https://gvtc.tcsg.edu/wiregrass/Wiregrass-Ga/Respondus-LockDown-Browser If kicked out of a test due to a technical glitch, log back into the test immediately and continue. If this is not possible, inform the instructor immediately by email.
  8. Respondus Lockdown Browser/Monitor
    Respondus LockDown Browser is a special Web browser for testing. Exams that require Respondus LockDown Browser will be marked as “Requires Respondus LockDown Browser” and students should download and install this software (no cost) on their computer at home in order to take their exams.
    In addition to LockDown Browser, your instructor may use Respondus LockDown Monitor which will require a webcam. If a webcam is needed, the title of the exam will contain “***Webcam***”.
    For the official download link and more information, go to https://gvtc.tcsg.edu/wiregrass/Wiregrass/Respondus-LockDown-Browser. Also found on Online Resources tab at top right of Wiregrass Blackboard screens; scroll down to Computer Needs section.
  9. Blackboard Collaborate
    Blackboard Collaborate is best supported by Google Chrome Web browser. Blackboard Collaborate allows students and instructors to connect via audio, video, or instant messaging. Instructors often use Collaborate to provide online lectures to students in online courses. These lectures may be live and/or recorded.
    1. Click the “Virtual Room” link from your Blackboard course menu. (Your instructor may have renamed this link to Collaborate or something similar.)
    2. Click the scheduled session. If no “live sessions”, check for recordings (directions below).
    3. Click the menu button at the top left (looks like a black square with three white lines).
    4. Click “Recordings” to view your instructor’s recent lecture recordings.
      NOTE: If you do not see a Virtual Room link in your course, contact your instructor to verify whether they plan to use this feature. For more information and guidance for Collaborate, visit https://gvtc.tcsg.edu/wiregrass/. Also found on Online Resources tab at top right of Wiregrass Blackboard screens; scroll down to Computer Needs section.
    10. Blackboard Communication
    Check your Blackboard Course Announcements.
    Check with your instructor for virtual office hours and/or virtual classroom sessions.
    Access Blackboard Collaborate by clicking Virtual Room from your Blackboard class. It may also be named Collaborate. If you do not see Virtual Room or Collaborate, contact your instructor!
    Read Discussion Boards and respond as directed.