Organizational Chart

Condensed Wiregrass Organizational Chart (pdf). The full organizational chart is available upon request.

TCSG State Board

Gregory C. Dozier, Commissioner

DeAnnia Clements, Interim President

  • WGTC Local Board of Directors
  • Cheryl Acree, Executive Assistant to the President
  • TBD, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs
    • Timothy J. Brogdon, Chief Information Officer
    • April McDuffie, Associate Vice President Institutional Effectiveness
    • Joe Sumner, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
    • Brandy B. Wilkes, Associate Vice President for Economic Development
    • Dr. Jammie Wilbanks, Associate Vice President for Academic Success
  • Lidell Greenway, Vice President for Facilities
  • Angela Hobby, Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Kenneth Strickland, Special Assistant to the President (PT)
  • Shalonda Sanders, Associate Vice President for Human Resources
  • Keren Wynn, Vice President for Administrative Services