Register for Classes

Register for Classes

Once you have completed the admissions process, you can proceed to registering and paying for your classes. Advising is mandatory for all students. Students who have not been advised are not eligible for registration.

Registration Dates

How to Register for Classes

Students can register for classes using Navigate or BanWeb. Need help? Check out the Advising Technology Help page!

Course Delivery Models

  • In-Person Courses – Instruction is delivered in a traditional classroom setting combining instructor lecture, student participation, and testing. Schedule times and class capacities may be adjusted to address social distancing requirements.

  • Online – Instruction is delivered via an online learning management system, Blackboard. Certain online courses may require students to attend on-campus sessions or proctored testing. There are no scheduled meeting days or times for this format of instruction. Course content lists specific due dates for assignments, quizzes, and exams. Generally, students are expected to perform the online tasks four to five days a week during a time that fits into their schedule.

  • Hybrid – Instruction is delivered using a combination of both online and traditional classroom formats. Attendance is required, but the number of in-person class meetings is reduced. Hybrid courses are offered in two formats, either 50% or less offered online or 50% or more offered online. Some of the online instruction may include virtual classroom meetings that take place at the designated time.

  • eCampus – Beginning Summer 2021, Wiregrass will offer more online courses through a new platform called “eCampus.” The eCampus platform allows students from across Georgia to enroll in online courses offered by any Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) college, providing students access to programs that may not be available at their home college.

  • Internship/Externship Apprenticeship – Instruction is delivered through the student’s job performance at an area industry or place of employment. Oversight and instruction combine that of the WGTC faculty’s instruction and the administrators at the place of employment.


Registration is not complete until tuition and fees are paid by the published deadline. Students are responsible for ensuring their account balance is paid in full by the deadline. Students with an account balance on the published payment deadline will be dropped from all classes for non-payment. The Wiregrass student email account is the official means of communication with students. Check balance and pay tuition.

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