Teaching Teachers for a Brighter Future - GaTAPPWhat is GaTAPP?

Georgia Teacher Academy of Preparation and Pedagogy (GaTAPP) is an alternative certification program offered for individuals who desire to become educators and already have an existing degree in a field other than education. The program is not intended to replace traditional college teaching programs, but is an alternative pathway to obtain teacher certification for those who hold Bachelor’s degree, or higher, but have not completed an educator preparation course of study.

Program Overview

GaTAPP provides two program pathways: Clear Renewable Teaching Certificate and Technical Specialist Teaching Certificate.

All program paths involve structured supervision and coaching by a team of qualified mentors and coaches called the Candidate Support Team (CST). Comprised of a school-based administrator, a school-based mentor/coach, a TCSG GaTAPP supervisor, and a content specialist (if not the mentor). The CST assesses the level of knowledge, skills, and credentials with which a transition teacher enters the program and determines the appropriate path for the teacher candidate to take in order to meet 24 teaching competencies.

Through continuous monitoring and assessment of the transition teacher’s performance in the classroom, the CST provides recommendations for advancement or retention in the program. Upon meeting all the required teacher competencies, including the Georgia Special Requirements and a minimum of one year of mentoring/coaching, transition teachers are recommended by the CST for Georgia Clear Renewable Certification or the Technical Specialist Teaching Certificate.

Candidates will be required to take a variety of courses/seminars. At a minimum, candidates must complete a two-week Essentials of Effective Teaching course during the summer (usually July) and two online courses during the first year of the program. In addition, eight Saturday seminars will be required for each candidate. Additional courses may be required depending on the candidates academic transcript(s).


GaTAPP Mission

To provide the necessary training for individuals that will equip them with the knowledge and skills that will assist them in becoming highly effective teachers.

To develop professional educators who possess the interpersonal skills and demonstrate the professional knowledge, skills and dispositions, and professionalism to become effective practitioners in a variety of settings. TCSG professional education preparation and development programs commit to educating and supporting teachers so that they demonstrate:

Knowledge of Teaching and Learning: Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to plan for and teach those subjects to students. They command a range of instructional techniques, planning and organizing instruction and integrating technology to meet learning goals. Teachers understand and use a range of formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous development of all learners.

Equity and Diversity: Teachers support the intellectual, social, physical, and personal development of all students. They treat students equitably, adjusting practice, as appropriate, on the basis of observation and knowledge of their students.

Professionalism: Teachers recognize, participate in, and contribute to the teaching profession. They reflect about their practice, learn from experience, and become knowledgeable and contributing members of the learning community.

Patty Hancock
GaTAPP Coordinator, Supervisor
Valdosta Campus
Brooks Hall, Room 540
O: (229) 333-2100 ext. 2130
Liane Holbrook
Area Director for Academic Affairs
Valdosta Campus
Lowndes Hall, Room 7248
O: (229) 333-2100 ext. 3081
Rene Mason
Early Childhood Care & Education Instructor, GaTAPP Instructor
Valdosta Campus
Lowndes Hall, Room 7159
O: (229) 333-2100 ext. 2127