How to Login

Using Single Sign-On, students will be able to use the same username and password for myNavigate, myBannerWeb, and myBlackboard. Unique email account name (example: john31) Password: 8-digit date of birth (example: 07241975 = July 24, 1975). For myEmail, students will use their full student email address as the user name and 8-digit date of birth as password.

Find your Unique Email Account.

For myConnect, for the initial log in, you will need to know your 900# and student email address, or your phone number as listed in myBanWeb. You will need to click on Sign Me Up!

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Need specific Information?

The Wiregrass Student Information Sheet will help you navigate all things associated with your student account - student email, online course access, financial aid, registering for classes, and more!

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