Programs for High School Students

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment is a program that allows qualified high school students to maximize their education and career training by taking courses that earn college and high school credit at the same time!

Group of high school students seated around a treeSome students may choose to enroll fully into a degree, diploma or technical certificate of credit program, or they may choose to just take a few courses. All college coursework taken through Dual Enrollment will be fully covered through Dual Enrollment funding, and students will not be required to pay out of pocket for tuition, college fees, or textbooks. The only fees students may be responsible for are course-specific fees determined by the college. No hours taken through the Dual Enrollment program will count towards a student’s HOPE Grant or Scholarship credit hour caps. Participating in the new Dual Enrollment program is a great incentive for high school students to get ahead on their college coursework!

What are the benefits of taking Wiregrass courses while in high school through Dual Enrollment?

  • Degree-level core classes will transfer to University System of Georgia or Technical College System of Georgia colleges or universities PLUS many other colleges/universities outside of the state of Georgia... so starting at Wiregrass can really take you anywhere.
  • Transferability is dependent on many factors, including major.
  • College credits taken through the Dual Enrollment program do not count against HOPE Scholarship or HOPE Grant hours after you graduate from high school.
  • College credits do count toward new high school rigor requirements and HOPE Scholarship rigor requirements.
  • Tuition and textbooks are totally covered through the Dual Enrollment program PLUS Wiregrass exempts all student fees for high school students participating in Dual Enrollment. Which means, you are required to pay ZERO out of pocket expenses to attend Wiregrass while in high school.
  • Students who participate in Dual Enrollment courses get a 0.5 boost in their HOPE Scholarship GPA calculation upon graduation from high school. (Please note – this does not apply to your local GPA calculation).

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Dual Enrollment Important Dates for Spring 2020

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