Air Traffic Control

Job Security and Demand

Due to demand for Air Traffic Controllers’ job security and high job availability is at an all-time high!

Serves the Community

Air Traffic Controllers play a crucial role in ensuring the safe, orderly, and efficient movement of aircraft both in the air and on the ground. They provide vital information to pilots, including weather conditions, terrain details, and other aircraft positions, creating a secure operating environment.

Advanced Training Program

Advanced ATC, Inc. exceeds FAA requirements with our comprehensive training program. Students undergo classroom instruction, advanced simulation, and hands-on training at an active control tower. Successful students receive FAA evaluation and a CTO Certificate, marking their graduation as Certified Professional Controllers. Our commitment to excellence ensures top-notch training for a safe sky.

Individualized Approach

At AATC, we value the individuality of each student and prioritize delivering top-quality ATC education. Our dedicated staff maintains high standards, upholds our mission, and cultivates a positive learning environment for all students.

Join us at Advanced ATC, Inc., where we shape the future of Air Traffic Control through exceptional training, unwavering dedication, and a commitment to producing top-notch professionals. Be part of this exciting and essential field that keeps our skies safe and secure.

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Simulators in the Air Traffic Control Classroom

Female Student in Air Traffic Control Simulator Air Traffic Control Tower Simulator