Live Work

Certain occupational areas require specific skills or competency mastery that can best be obtained or demonstrated in a laboratory environment with real items or projects. A laboratory environment introduces the "customer dimension" into personal service occupations, such as cosmetology and esthetics, and provides real-world working conditions to such industrial and technical occupations as auto mechanics, auto body repair, and others.

Wiregrass Georgia Tech has made available a Gift Certificate for those desiring to purchase one or more of the following live work services. The gift certificates are available in the bookstores and at the front desk on all campuses.

Give Kids a Smile Day


The Dental Hygiene program is a cooperative degree program offered in cooperation with Valdosta State University and offers limited dental services to the public. To schedule an appointment or for pricing, call 229-245-3716.

Click to view Dental Clinic Fees and Services.

Cosmetology student giving a manicure


The Cosmetology programs provide live work services in the salons on campus as scheduled during semester instruction. For appointments, call the campus salon nearest you:
Ben Hill-Irwin Campus: (229) 468-2100
Coffee Campus: (229) 468-2232
Cook County WDC: (229) 549-7368 ext. 7834
Valdosta Campus: (229) 333-2104.

Automotive student works on a vehicle


The automotive programs located on the Ben Hill-Irwin and Valdosta Campuses provide live work on a limited basis, primarily to Wiregrass faculty, staff, and students. Services include, but are not limited to, oil change, tire balancing and rotation, and wheel alignment. These services are performed as they are being taught in the classroom. (See Gift Certificate for prices.) Call the Ben Hill-Irwin Campus (229) 468-2050 or the lab (229) 568-2052, or the Valdosta Campus (229) 333-2115, ext. 3042, for appointments.



The Esthetics Clinic is located on the Valdosta Campus in Lowndes Hall, Room 7118-B, and is open to the public by appointment. All services are performed by students under direct supervision of a licensed instructor. Appointments are available Tuesday thru Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. To schedule an appointment, call 229-249-2739. Please check the Esthetics Brochure for prices and a list of services provided.


Design Media Services

The Design Media Production Program offers a range of graphic design and printing services including (but not limited to) invitations for any occasion, brochures, banners, pictures on canvas, perfect bind books/booklets, variable data printing on postcards, letters and envelopes, and much more. For pricing on specific services, please call 229-293-6377.