Dual Enrollment Mission

Dual Enrollment Program Mission

The mission of the Dual Enrollment program at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College is to encourage high school and college completion and increase the number of skilled employees entering the workforce. We accomplish the mission by offering degree level core courses and occupational programs to eligible high school students in an environment that fosters the end goal of college completion and career attainment.

Dual Enrollment Program Goals

The goals of our Dual Enrollment Program are as follows:

  • To increase awareness and interest in technical education and career pathways offered through technical education.
  • Expose young learners to technical careers connecting learning to work at an early age.
  • Increase the number of students who transition to Wiregrass and/or other colleges after high school graduation.
  • Increase the number of First Generation students who participate in Dual Enrollment each term.
  • Decrease time to college completion while increasing the number of students who earn a credential.
  • Provide quality instruction for high school students with curriculum aligned with college and workforce expectations.