Leadership Academy

The Wiregrass Leadership Academy is one of our most popular training deliveries for our Business/Industry Partners. It is very interactive and hands-on allowing participants to be actively engaged in their leadership journey. Each participant receives a manual with our leadership curriculum that allows them to complete exercises and reflections that they bring back to each class. Participants are involved in leadership challenges designed to reinforce their learnings and promote both professional and personal growth. Our hope is that the participants apply their learnings on the job and prepare themselves for additional responsibilities in the workplace. It includes 7 modules and 40 hrs. of instructional leadership training on the following topics:

  • Supervisor Communication Skills - 2 classes
  • Managing Teams - 2 classes
  • Dynamic Decision Making – 1 class
  • Resolving Conflict - 1 class
  • Time Management - 1 class
  • Leading Through Change - 1 class
  • Motivating Employees To Be Their Best - 2 classes

Offered on Wednesdays at our Coffee Campus and Thursdays on our Valdosta Campus. Each class runs from 8 am to 12 noon. Ten classes total.

Register now and be billed when the sessions start by either clicking on the session links below, or going to the Leadership Academy Registration tab shown on the right side of screen.

Session: January–May

Session: July–December


$595 for 1 employee
$545/each for 2 employees
$495/each for 3 or more employees

Who do we recommend for this type of leadership training?

Supervisors, Lead Positions, Managers, Directors, and potential future leaders from Business, Industry, Government, Healthcare, Banking, Logistics, Education, etc.

Schedule a dedicated Leadership Academy for your company or group:

Contact millie.ward@wiregrass.edu or 229-468-2076.

We can train at your site or on one of our campuses.


Our mission for the Wiregrass Leadership Academy is to provide relevant interactive leadership training that is local and affordable. We continue to receive powerful testimony that excites us to know that our mission is being served!

“The information that you teach is relevant to the difficulties in today’s work environment and structured in a manner that helps the team absorb the material. The partnership that we have with Wiregrass will continue into the future.”

“I am excited too in that we are growing our talent! It is local, affordable and it is quality material.”

“Great Class! Millie is the perfect person for this class. Her experience is invaluable!”

“I am excited to be able to partner with Wiregrass for our Management training and development. I see an improvement from our leaders that have attended the Leadership Academy. They are applying their learning to their daily work life.“

“It’s nice to see lessons taking root and making a difference! Great work Millie.”

“I wanted to thank you for this leadership journey that you have taken us all on. I have learned a lot, and I have begun using so much of it in what I do every day. You have an awesome teaching style that keeps everyone engaged and enthused. I can honestly say that I will be a better leader and person for having taken your class.”

“The content and facilities were very instrumental to our investment in our people. We will definitely look forward to future partnerships with Wiregrass.”

“Truly enjoyed this course, and I have definitely taken some of the things I’ve learned and applied them not just at work, but in life.”

“I would recommend to others. Millie is great at what she does. Great personality.”

“The team has had a blast and learned an incredible amount.”

“Millie offers really great real world experiences, advice, and many ways to overcome leadership challenges.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the class and content. Great information delivered in a fun and experienced manner.”