The Wiregrass Foundations offer named scholarships, books, and financial assistance, as funds permit, to qualified students.

Each named scholarship below has a specific set of requirements and application process. When applying, please complete the online application and upload all supporting documentation noted in the application process for each scholarship for which you wish to be considered. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Spring 2024 Scholarship Applications

Summer 2024 Scholarship Applications

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The scholarships listed in the document above are available for Wiregrass Georgia Technical College students for the semesters indicated in their descriptions. Once awarded, details about use of and continuation of scholarships can be provided by Foundation staff.

  • Review scholarship criteria to see if there is a scholarship for which you may be eligible.
  • Unless indicated otherwise, applicants must have a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA to be considered and maintain the 2.0 (or otherwise stated) cumulative GPA throughout the scholarship cycle.
  • Unless indicated otherwise, applicants must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours for the semester(s) of the potential scholarship award. Additional scholarship requirements are listed below.
  • Identify a Wiregrass Instructor or Wiregrass Staff to complete a letter of recommendation. You will need to provide their Wiregrass email in the application and we will request the letter of recommendation.
  • Complete the online application by the published deadline, which includes answering the following questions:
    • Tell why you would like to receive the scholarship(s) for which you have applied.
    • What are your career goals?
    • Describe areas in your life where you demonstrated leadership and overcame obstacles either through your school, social, or family life.
    • How have you made a difference in your community?
    • Why did you select this career?
  • This is a competitive process, so make sure your written or video responses are grammatically correct and well written/spoken. Good luck!

Contact Mona MacKenzie if you have questions about the process or scholarship requirements.

Additional Assistance

The Foundations may also provide some assistance with educational expenses to qualified students who do not receive named scholarships. Students who reside in Atkinson, Ben Hill, Coffee, Irwin, or Wilcox County should complete this Foundation North application. Students who reside in Berrien, Brooks, Cook, Echols, Lanier, or Lowndes County should complete this Foundation South application. If you need to borrow a book, complete the Foundation South book loan application or the Foundation North book loan application. Students who reside in Brooks County who need to borrow a book should complete this application.