Strategic Planning

Once every five years, the college undergoes a new strategic planning process, facilitated and supervised by the Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness. With input from employees, students, and the local community, the current and projected needs of the service area are analyzed. Planning activities include national, state, local, and institutional trend analysis, as well as evaluation of resources that are currently available or that should be included in long-range future plans. The strategic plan, which includes strategic goals and objectives, is the basic planning document that serves as a compass for all college-wide planning activities.

Each year, members of the Senior Staff update the strategic plan through review, evaluation, and update of the strategic goals, objectives, and expected results that were established the previous year. The Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness is responsible for the update process. Results, including deficiencies and achievements, contribute input for improvements and revised objectives for the coming year. These conclusions also provide information for unit operational plans and departmental and institutional budget preparation

Wiregrass Strategic Plans

TCSG Strategic Plan