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Lens Selection OPHD 2120

6 Credits

Weekly Contact Hours: Lecture - 4 Lab 2 - 2 Lab 3 - 3
Pre-requisite(s): OPHD 1010
Co-requisite(s): None

This course introduces students to techniques of ophthalmic sales and emphasizes effective consumer service. Topics include: managed care terminology; information gathering; information technology; communicating with consumers, prescribers and suppliers; ophthalmic sales skills; effective consumer services and problem solving; and lens finishing. This course continues students study of eyewear dispensing techniques. Emphasis is placed on gaining clinical experience in providing service to the eyewear consumer. Topics include: prescription lens materials; lens positioning; multifocal lenses; absorptive lenses; special lens coatings; prescription lens selection; lens finishing; use and care of eyewear; matching lenses to consumer needs; optical, physiological, and psychological problems; applied lensmeter techniques; information gathering; and ophthalmic sales skill.

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