Course Catalog

Dress Code

It is expected that students will dress appropriately at all times while at the college. Dress requirements will vary in the classroom, laboratory areas, and clinical sites. Students enrolled in internships and clinical courses are required to dress appropriately according to the requirements of the work for which they are being trained. Students shall not dress, groom, wear, or use emblems, insignias, badges, or other symbols where the effect thereof is to detract unreasonably the attention of other students or otherwise to cause disruption or interfere with the operation of the college. Any full-time faculty or staff member has the authority to determine if the particular mode of dress results in disruptions or interference.

In order to have a standard against which students may be measured in preparation for employment in business and industry, a dress code is required as follows:

  1. All clothing will be suitable for specific laboratory or industrial activities of the student’s chosen occupation. Students should select clothing for school wear that does not create a safety hazard in meeting their performance requirements of their courses.
  2. Students will be required to conform to employer dress codes as may be required in cooperative education, internships, or clinical work sites. Students must conform to any program uniform requirements. Instructors will be responsible for informing students of any special uniform, or safety equipment requirements. Health Sciences students should refer to their department’s handbook for specific uniform requirements.
  3. Shirts will cover the midriff area. Halter tops, backless blouses, revealing neck lines and tank tops are not authorized.
  4. Shoes must be worn at all times. Further, shoes worn in the laboratory areas will cover the entire top of the foot.
  5. Shorts may be worn as long as they are in good taste, are consistent with the attire of the area of training received, and do not constitute a safety hazard to the student.
  6. Health Sciences students must wear the appropriate uniform to all classes and clinicals.

In addition to the specifics of the dress code enumerated above, students must wear their current Wiregrass Georgia Technical College ID badge so that it is visible at all times when they are on campus. Violators of the dress code and ID badge policy may be asked to leave campus and return with the proper attire and badge. Appeals will be in accordance with the Student Appeals Policy.