Course Catalog

Programs for High School Students

High school students are offered the opportunity to enroll in Wiregrass Georgia Technical College courses. Enrolling in college early provides Georgia high school students with the ability to take college-level courses and earn credit toward a high school diploma and a college degree, diploma or technical certificate of credit. Participation in dual enrollment eases the transition from high school to college, provides students an early start on their college careers, and offers meaningful and challenging academic experiences to qualified students, including those who might not otherwise have access to college opportunities. Early college enrollment can help increase the number of high school graduates who are both college and career ready.

Enrollment Options for High School Students

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is a program that allows qualified high school students to maximize their education and career training by taking courses that earn college and high school credit at the same time.

Some students may choose to enroll fully into a degree, diploma or technical certificate of credit program, or they may choose to take just a few courses. Participating in the Dual Enrollment program is a great incentive for high school students to get ahead on their college coursework.

Dual Enrollment Application Process

All high school students who meet Wiregrass admissions requirements are eligible for Dual Enrollment. Financial Aid is available to pay for students who qualify. High school students wishing to enroll in the Dual Enrollment program must first meet with their high school counselor. Next, students should complete the Dual Enrollment Funding Application on the GA Futures website. Students should then complete the Wiregrass Dual Enrollment Application packet which will include all the required forms needed to participate in the program and then meet with the Wiregrass High School Staff to register for classes.

Financial Aid Options for Dual Enrollment

Financial Aid is available for Dual Enrollment students who meet certain requirements. Students who are not eligible for Financial Aid to cover their Dual Enrollment courses are responsible for paying all tuition and any required fees.

Dual Enrollment Funding

Dual Enrollment Funding is available to any 10-12th grader enrolled in a Georgia high school or home study program for occupational/CTAE courses; and any 11-12th grader enrolled in a Georgia high school or home study program for academic core courses.

Ninth graders are not eligible for Dual Enrollment funding but can self-pay or have their tuition paid by their school system or other sources. Students are limited to a total of 30 Dual Enrollment Funding hours starting Summer of 2020, with a limit of 15 hours per semester. This includes all attempted hours at all colleges and universities where Dual Enrollment Funding was used, not just those hours taken at Wiregrass. Students who have taken 18 or fewer hours prior to Summer of 2020 are eligible for 12 additional hours of Dual Enrollment Funding. Students who have taken 19 or more hours prior to the Summer of 2020, are eligible for 12 additional Dual Enrollment funded hours (regardless of how many they have already taken). Starting with Summer 2020, students with 2 or more withdrawals become ineligible for Dual Enrollment Funding.

HOPE Grant and HOPE Career Grant Bridge Funding

The HOPE Grant and HOPE Career Grant Bridge Funding can be used to fund additional courses for regular Dual Enrollment students after the student has exhausted their 30 Dual Enrollment Funded hours. Students wishing to use the HOPE Grant/HOPE Career Grant must choose from a HOPE Career Grant program. Students who use the HOPE Grant/HOPE Career Grant must meet HOPE residency requirements. Any HOPE Career Grant / HOPE Grant hours used will count against HOPE and Zell Miller caps.


Any student not eligible for Financial Aid to cover their Dual Enrollment courses must self pay all tuition and any required fees.


Occupational and core courses approved for the Dual Enrollment program can be found on the GA Futures website. Courses may be taught face-to-face on the college or high school campus, online, hybrid, or via distance education. Students can enroll in Wiregrass courses during Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters.

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) provides high school students the opportunity to take college-credit courses through Dual Enrollment that are taught by college credentialed high school teachers. CE instructors are approved through the college’s Academic Affairs department. CE courses are taught on the high school campus during the regular school day. Many CE credits will transfer to a student’s future postsecondary institution. Students wishing to enroll in the program should follow the Dual Enrollment Application Process.

Joint Enrollment

Another enrollment option for high school students is called Joint Enrollment. Joint Enrollment provides high school students the opportunity to take courses at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College and receive college credit ONLY for the courses that they take at the college. Joint Enrollment students usually attend college classes in the afternoon or evening after they have attended high school an entire school day. Joint Enrollment students are allowed to take academic core and occupational program courses for any technical certificate or diploma program in which they are eligible. Eligible students can use the HOPE Grant and HOPE Career Grant to pay for Joint Enrollment courses. Hours taken through Joint Enrollment count against a student’s Georgia Grant and Scholarship caps.

Accelerated Career Diploma

Accelerated Career Diploma, formerly known as Option B, offers an alternate path to high school graduation for public school students who have completed certain requirements at their high school. In order to participate in the Accelerated Career Diploma, students must have completed the 10th grade and successfully completed the two required English, Math, Science, and Social Studies courses as well as one Health/PE course in addition to all associated test requirements. High school counselors will provide guidance about which specific English, math, science, and social studies courses are required. After completion of these courses, students must then complete ONE of the following:

  • Any Wiregrass Associate Degree program
  • Any Wiregrass Diploma program
  • Any two of the paired Wiregrass Dual Enrollment Technical Certificates of Credit that are approved for Accelerated Career Diploma

Financial Aid is available to Accelerated Career Diploma students. Eligibility for Financial Aid is the same as eligibility for Dual Enrollment. After exhausting Dual Enrollment Funding, Accelerated Career Diploma students who are eligible to receive HOPE may use HOPE Grant for any Wiregrass technical certificate of credit or diploma program. Students wishing to pursue this option should ensure they have the Financial Aid required to complete their program, or be prepared to pay for any courses not covered by Financial Aid. Students interested in pursuing the Accelerated Career Diploma option should contact their High School Counselor or the Wiregrass Technical College High School Staff.

Articulated Course Credit

The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) and the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) have collaborated to develop statewide articulation agreements that will allow students to receive TCSG college credits for certain Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) courses taken while the student was in high school. To receive articulated credit from TCSG, students must successfully complete an identified high school CTAE course or Career Pathway, depending on the articulation agreement, with an 85 or higher and pass a credentialing assessment. Complete information about articulated course credit can be found on the GaDOE and TCSG websites. Students wishing to receive Articulate Credit at Wiregrass should contact the Wiregrass High School Services or Registrar’s Office to request an Articulated Credit Course Certification Form.

Graduation Information

High School students who complete a program while still enrolled in high school can be awarded a college credential prior to high school graduation. Upon graduating from high school, all Dual Enrollment students are encouraged to present official sealed high school transcripts for review for additional awards.