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Transitions in Nursing RNSG 1352

7 Credits

Weekly Contact Hours: Lecture - 7 Lab 2 - 0 Lab 3 - 0
Pre-requisite(s): None
Co-requisite(s): RNSG 1355, 1365

The practical nursing transition course allows the student who has successfully obtained an unrestricted Georgia practical nursing license to continue their education in nursing by achieving an Associate of Science in Nursing Degree. This course is designed to provide the practical nurse with a comprehensive knowledge of professional nursing, the nursing process, health promotion, illness prevention practices, basic care of the adult and older adult population, and the responsibilities and challenges of the role of associate degree nursing. The focus of this course is on ethics and values, cultural diversity, safety, communication, collaboration, documentation, the nursing process, critical thinking, and patient teaching. Students are required to use components of health assessment to complete a head-to-toe physical assessment. This theory course must be successfully completed with a minimum grade of 70 percent.

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