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Physical Examination and Health Assessment RNSG 1360

2 Credits

Weekly Contact Hours: Lecture - 2 Lab 2 - 0 Lab 3 - 0
Pre-Requisites: ENGL 1101, MATH 1111, BIOL 2113, BIOL 2113L
Co-Requisite: BIOL 2114, BIOL 2114L, RNSG 1350, RNSG 1355

This course introduces the student to physical examinations and health assessment of patients in the clinical environment. The student learns how to perform a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship and how to conduct a head-to-toe assessment including each body system. Emphasis is placed on knowledge and skills necessary for acquiring, organizing, recording and interpreting data from a health promotion perspective. This course includes lecture and a laboratory component. This course must be successfully completed with a minimum grade of 70 percent.

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