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Medical-Surgical Nursing I RNSG 1365

6 Credits

Weekly Contact Hours: Lecture - 4 Lab 2 - 0 Lab 3 - 6
Pre-Requisites: RNSG 1350, RNSG 1355, RNSG 1360
Co-Requisite: BIOL 2117, BIOL 2117L, RNSG 2350

This initial medical-surgical course is designed to introduce and prepare the student to care for patients with selected medical disorders and surgical conditions. This course includes classroom, simulation and a clinical rotation which builds on concepts and skills taught in the Fundamentals of Nursing Care course. The role of the nurse as provider of care will be utilized to include patient care, basic clinical decision making, patient teaching, coordination of care, clinical reasoning, and collaboration of care with other disciplines. Specific medications related to health care conditions will be taught. The application of the nursing process in caring for patients experiencing alterations in cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal, hematologic, musculoskeletal, neurologic, respiratory, and renal systems are included. Infusion therapy is introduced. The student will learn about the perioperative patient. Emphasis is placed on diversity and in care of the elderly considering developmental, cultural and spiritual needs of each patient. This course must be successfully completed with a minimum grade of 70 percent in the theory component and 70 percent in the clinical component.

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