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Computer Programming - CP24 Diploma

Program Description: The Computer Programming diploma program is a sequence of courses designed to provide students with an understanding of the concepts, principles, and techniques required in computer information processing. Those interested in a Computer Programming diploma should be highly motivated individuals who are interested in becoming an Information Technology professional. Program graduates are to be competent in the general areas of English/humanities/fine arts, social/behavioral sciences, natural sciences/mathematics, as well as in the technical areas of SQL, XHTML, systems analysis and design, database management, networking concepts, and the programming languages PHP, Visual BASIC, Java, C++, and JavaScript.

Locations Offered:

Computer Science badgeRequirements:

  • Submit a completed application and application fee
  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Submit official high school transcript or High School Equivalency transcript or college transcripts showing successful completion of 60+ semester credits or 72+ quarter credits
  • Submit official college transcripts, if applicable
  • Present acceptable ACCUPLACER, ACT, ASSET, COMPASS, PSAT, or SAT scores or GED score of 145 or higher or have one of the following: an associate degree or higher or have a HOPE GPA of 2.6 after the completion of 10th grade. Documentation on a college transcript of successful completion of appropriate courses from a regionally accredited college or university may be accepted in lieu of test scores.

This program is a HOPE Career Grant eligible program for students who are HOPE Grant eligible. The Career Grant award is a fixed amount per semester based on the number of credit hours taken. Maximum award per term is $500.

Gainful Employment Information
General Core Courses 8
ENGL 1010 Fundamentals of English I 3
MATH 1012 Foundations of Mathematics 3
EMPL 1000 Interpersonal Relations & Professional Development 2
Occupational Courses 24
CIST 1001 Computer Concepts 4
CIST 1305 Program Design and Development 3
CIST 1510 Web Development I 3
CIST 2921 IT Analysis, Design, and Project Management 4
COMP 2000 Intro. to Technology and Computer Application 3
XXXX xxxx Occupational Elective (3 Hours) 3
Structured Query Language - Choose One of the Following (4 Hours) 4
CIST 1210 Introduction to Oracle Databases 4
CIST 1220 Structured Query Language (SQL) 4
Programming Language Courses - Complete 20 Hours w/a minimum of 8 Hours in Tier II (20 Hours) 20
Programming Language Tier I - Choose Three of the Following (12 Hours) 12
CIST 2311 Visual Basic I 4
CIST 2371 Java Programming I 4
CIST 2341 C# Programming I 4
CIST 2351 PHP Programming I 4
CIST 2361 C++ Programming I 4
CIST 2381 Mobile Application Development 4
CIST 2570 Open Source Web Application Programming I 4
CIST 2580 Interactive and Social Applications Integration 4
Programming Language Tier II - Choose Two of the Following (8 Hours) 3
CIST 2312 Visual Basic II 4
CIST 2342 C# Programming II 4
CIST 2372 Java Programming II 4
CIST 2373 Java Programming III 4
CIST 2362 C++ Programming II 4
CIST 2352 PHP Programming II 4
CIST 2571 Open Source Web Application Programming II 4
Faculty & Staff

Computer Information System Technology Programming Instructor, Valdosta Campus


Computer Information Systems Program Coordinator, Valdosta Campus

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