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HOPE Career Grant Eligible Programs

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The HOPE Career Grant, (formerly known as the Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant) is available to HOPE Grant-qualified students who enroll in select majors specifically aligned with one of 12 industries in Georgia for which there are more jobs available than there are skilled workers to fill them. Wiregrass programs that qualify for this grant are as follows:

Advanced Child Development Specialist – AE71
Advanced Commercial Refrigeration – AC81
Advanced Patient Care Assistant – AN71
Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welder – OSM1
Air Conditioning Electrical Technician – ACK1
Air Conditioning Repair Specialist – ACY1
Air Conditioning Technician Assistant – AZ31
Auto Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician – AE41
Automotive Chassis Technician Specialist – ASG1
Automotive Climate Control Technician – AH21
Automotive Engine Performance – AE51
Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Tech Specialist – AA71

AWS Cloud Solutions Specialist – AA91
Basic Electricity Technician – BE31
Basic Machining Operator – BMO1
Basic Machinist – BM31
Basic Mechatronics Technician – BM51
Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder – FS31
Cable Installation Specialist – CIS1
Camera Assistant – CA21
Carpentry Fundamentals – CF21
CDA Preparation – CE71
Child Development Specialist – CD61
CNC Specialist – CS51
Commercial Truck Driving – CT61
Computer Engineering Technology – CET1
Cybersecurity Technical – IS81
Diesel Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician – DE11
Diesel Truck Maintenance Technician – DTM1
Early Childhood Program Administration – ECP1
Electrical Maintenance – EM81
Emergency Medical PreParamedic – EG71
Emergency Medical Responder – EB71
Eyewear Dispensing Specialist – EDS1
Flux Cored Arc Welder – FC61
Full Stack Developer – FS21
Game Development Specialist – GD11
Gas Metal Arc Welder – GM31
Gas Tungsten Arc Welder – GTA1
General Construction Assistant – GC41
Geriatric Care Assistant – GC51
Graphic Design Assistant – GDA1**
Health Information Specialist – HMC1
Help Desk Specialist – HD41**
Industrial Electrician – IE41
Industrial Electrical Assistant – IE21
Industrial Fluid Power Technician – IF11
Industrial Systems Fundamentals – IS61
Infant/Toddler Care Specialist – IC31
iOS App Development in Swift – IAD1
Lathe Operator – LP11
Low Voltage System Installer – LV21
Mechatronics Specialist – AM11
Medical Receptionist – MR51
Metals Technician – ME31
Mill Operator – MP11
Nurse Aide – CN21
Nursing Technician – NT61
Patient Care Assistant – PC21
PC Repair and Network Technician – PR21
Phlebotomy – PT21
Programmable Control Technician – PC81
Radiologic Technician Assistant – RT21
Web Application Developer – IB71**

Air Conditioning Technology – ACT2
Automotive Fundamentals – AF12
Automotive Technology – AT14
Business Technology – BA22
Commercial Electrical Construction Technology – CEC2
Computer Programming – CP24
Computer Support Specialist – CS14
Cybersecurity – IS12
Dental Assisting – DA12
Design and Media Production Technology – DEM2
Early Childhood Care/Education – ECC2
Game Development – CSD4
Industrial Systems Technology – IST4
Medical Assisting – MA22
Networking Specialist – NS14
Opticianry (Vision Care Technology) – OP14
Paramedicine – PT12
Pharmacy Technology – PT22
Practical Nursing – PN12
Precision Machining & Manufacturing (Previously Machine Tool Technology) – MTT2
Telecommunications and Security Technology – TES2
Web Site Design – IS64
Welding & Joining Technology – WAJ2

**Indicates High School Only Programs

To qualify, a student must be fully admitted to the college, enrolled in one of the above programs and receiving the HOPE Grant for the same term.

A student's HOPE Career Grant award is a fixed amount per term based upon the student's program of study and number of hours of enrollment.

Enrolled Semester Hours Award Amount
1-2 hours $125
3-8 hours $250
9+ hours $500
9+ hours $1,100 (One-time award for Commercial Truck Driving only*)